Hybrid ready networking

The flexibility and agility gained by Hybrid Cloud can apply to your network. We’ll show you how to ‘cloudify’ your network to optimise IT.

What this means for your business

A hybrid ready network delivers the same flexibility and consumption-based pricing as businesses have come to expect from cloud services.

To ensure application performance and to be truly hybrid ready, the enterprises network needs to connect securely and directly between physical branch sites through to, and between, public clouds and data centres.

The two main options to connect to cloud services are through direct connectivity or via the public internet. The public internet is a common choice when business teams self-provision cloud services or deploy ‘shadow IT’. However, the internet is neither as secure, nor as high quality, as direct links to cloud locations. Plus, the more that applications run over unreliable or unstable internet connections, the more performance will suffer.

Telstra blueprint for success

What does success look like? Success is secure, enterprise-grade connectivity between sites and clouds, delivered in an on-demand model that is as agile as the cloud.

The best answer is to ‘cloudify’ the connectivity by leveraging a programmable network, a software and API driven network platform. This will reduce IT complexity by bringing the network experience in line with the cloud model, and enable them to be managed as one virtual eco-system that can respond and adapt to changing needs, daily or hourly if required.

Programmable networking can provide a broad range of network building blocks available on demand. These building blocks can be combined and deployed virtually to deliver robust, high capacity connectivity to cloud and data centre locations globally, with flexible bandwidth and virtualised network functions, in minutes rather than months. With a pay-as-you-use commercial model replacing traditional long-term locked-in contracts, enterprise networks can behave the same way as your cloud IT infrastructure.

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Cloudify your network

Discover the benefits of ‘cloudifying’ your network to be hybrid-ready.

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Hybrid Cloud problems we solve

Preparing your migration

Organisations need to design a Hybrid cloud strategy that addresses all requirements and is sufficient for the long-term. 

Compliance and performance

The need for agile, scalable IT doesn’t have to mean ceding control to individual business units. Learn how to get visibility of cloud usage and performance across the business.

Maximising your data agility

As the volume of data created and stored continues to grow exponentially, organisations need to consider the implications of data sprawl between providers. Read how to keep data agile. 

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