Compliance and performance

Get visibility of cloud usage and performance across the business. Agile and scalable IT doesn’t mean ceding control of your cloud to other departments.

What this means for your business

To make sure a business is compliant whilst delivering great performance, they need to meet the need for agile, scalable IT. This doesn’t have to mean ceding control over infrastructure and services to individual business units. IT teams can remain compliant with the right architecture and services, supported by flexible and secure networking – which allows them to provide the right IaaS while getting visibility of cloud usage and application performance across the business.

There are a variety of approaches to achieve compliance and deliver great performance, depending on how confident you are with your in-house expertise.

Telstra blueprint for success

What does success look like? Success is staying in control and minimising risk, while still enabling agility and innovation.

For those that prefer doing it in-house, management can be made easier if IT managers have access to an intuitive Cloud Management Platform in order to gain a single pane of glass view over multiple environments. This will help analyse usage and cost trends to predict demand and plan monthly resources, and manage access and security controls. It can also open up the ability to create a catalogue of services from which users can self-provision within approved IT policies.

For the outsourced model, a fully-managed service can take care of governance and compliance, including essential security activities. This approach reduces the burden of day-to-day management while boosting assured performance and service availability through monitoring and maintenance. The best managed cloud solutions will hold certifications and have a strong automation element designed to simplify common tasks and ensure compliance scales as easily and quickly as the cloud does.

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Governance and security

Learn how to retain visibility and control over access and usage of Hybrid Cloud.

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