Manage email archiving

Secure storage on the cloud that you can access anytime.

Your company needs the ability to retrieve important messages in case of litigation, merging or being bought out. A reliable email archiving service will back up your company emails in case they’re needed.

Veritas Enterprise Vault.CloudTM provides a fully-hosted archiving service that will reduce the strain on your mail servers and give you peace of mind by ensuring that your email data is safe and secure.

Your internal and external emails are safely archived into the cloud and you'll still have rapid, on-demand access whenever you need them.

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Help your organisation to get


You can set email retention policies, include optional supervision and review capabilities, and it makes it easy to implement legal holds.



Improved server performance
You can shrink backup and recovery times by storing information in the archive and expiring messages saved on the mail server.



You’ll get the services of our dedicated technical support team, 24x7. Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM is compatible with the following Microsoft Office 365 services to help you build a complete email solution:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Midsized Business
  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1
  • Microsoft Exchange Online (Plan 1)

Potential business impact

  • Increased compliance
  • Reduced IT management
  • Accelerated legal discovery process

Ideal for companies



  • Challenges related to email storage management, legal discovery, email continuity and regulatory compliance
  • Requirements to maintain significant levels of client data and records such as legal, health and financial services organisations



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May be suitable for businesses with email archiving needs for 10 or more users.


Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM Veritas Enterprise Vault Enhanced.cloudTM
Best for organisations with archiving and discovery needs.  Best for organisations with archiving and discovery needs but also require the ability to access their emails in the event of an outage. 

$7.16 incl. GST
per user per month
(min. 24 month cost for 10 users is $1,718.40)

$9.21 incl. GST
per user per month
(min. 24 month cost for 10 users is $2,210.40)

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Add-on option: Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM – Legacy Data Import

Add-on Legacy Data Import to upload your legacy data and access it from your Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM service

$15.00 incl. GST
per GB or part thereof uploaded

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