Move your business processes to the cloud

Optimised solution for financial management, payroll, customer relationship management and business analytics.

Your business needs an optimised solution for financial management, payroll, customer relationship management or business analytics, without the huge, upfront costs.

Plus, your software and hardware is out-of-date, driving up support costs, and reducing your business’s productivity and performance.

Together with Accenture, we provide a range of SAP solutions, deployed on Telstra's SAP-certified private cloud, that will help you to increase business performance and lower costs.

With our infrastructure, along with Accenture's leading expertise in SAP deployment and operations, you can move your on-premise SAP systems into the cloud.

Or, you can build new SAP systems, with a proven methodology that allows you to achieve your business benefits fast.

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Help your organisation to get


Better capability
Improve real-time decision-making by upgrading your enterprise resource planning and business process capabilities.


An end-to-end service
Get a complete, managed service that combines scalable SAP solutions and a single, integrated delivery and support model.


Rapid deployment and scalability
Reduce deployment time of new SAP systems and quickly scale your service, whenever needed.


Reduced risk
Significantly reduce the high cost of capital investment for equipment and infrastructure and in-house management.


Lower cost of ownership
SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are designed to reduce infrastructure management costs and total cost of ownership so you can use elsewhere.


Our private networks have comprehensive security measures and all data is stored locally. Plus, traffic is monitored 24x7 – not just for security but for optimal network performance.


Potential business impact

  • Flexible tools to drive business innovation
  • Business agility and operational efficiencies
  • Business insights for smarter decision making
  • Collaboration tools for greater productivity
  • Choice and control for simpler management


Ideal for


  • More than 1000 employees
  • Existing SAP system
  • Looking to consolidate multiple enterprise system
  • Ageing infrastructure
  • Out of date enterprise software

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