Telstra Security Monitoring

Detect and respond to threats in a timely manner

Getting better visibility into your organisation’s security has never been more important. 63% of global companies, and 65% of Australian companies say their business has been interrupted by a security breach in the past year, according to the Telstra Security Report 2019.

From unauthorised system access and electronic data loss or theft, to corrupted business data, lost productivity and reputational damage, your business needs better visibility, insights and tools to manage today’s evolving threats. Telstra Security Monitoring can help.

Using machine learning and big data analysis tools in our Security Operations Centres, our service empowers you to detect threats as they occur and respond quickly and effectively. With around-the-clock visibility and actionable reports written in plain English, you’re able to get a deeper understanding of your company’s risk and provide clear paths to resolve issues.

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Key features

Key insights from machine learning and big data

Our advanced security analytics utilise big data tools in conjunction with machine learning algorithms to highlight malicious activity.

Compliant with government standards

The Security Operations Centres are built to ASIO T4 standards, a requirement in protecting government agency data.

Access to trusted expertise

Get peace of mind by working with our team of skilled security analysts, business analysts, data scientists and operations specialists, acting as a single team developing, deploying and validating solutions to quickly counter threats.

Locally managed

Your security is managed around-the-clock in Australia using local expertise.

Continual improvement

We are continually assessing and adding to our platform, regularly implementing new features to ensure the service evolves to meet the changing threat landscape.