Gateway Protection

A firewall solution to safeguard your private, public and hybrid clouds

Organisations today require help deploying and maintaining security across complex environments. That’s why companies looking for simple, flexible security are choosing Telstra Gateway Protection.

Gateway Protection is an advanced next generation cloud-based solution to secure multi-cloud environments. Delivered via the Telstra Programmable Network (TPN), it empowers you to control your firewall security policies across private, public and hybrid clouds through a single unified view.

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Key features

Next generation firewall for multi-cloud

Telstra Gateway Protection guards against malware and ransomware with integrated firewall and threat prevention solutions from leading vendors.

Dynamic dashboard and integrated reporting

Gateway Protection’s dashboard improves your visibility and control of security policy, threats and events. Quickly view status updates, monitor threat levels and application usage, and get the reports you need.

Manage your own deployment

Simply set up and manage your firewall policies, or use our built-in settings based on best practice to get started right away. Adjust bandwidth requirements and control connectivity to your clouds, branches and data centres - all in one place.


Reduce cost and complexity

Telstra Gateway Protection’s simple next generation firewall security means you don’t need to build your own complex solution..

Minimal set up time

Set-up is quick and easy and, once you’re done, the Gateway Protection service becomes available on the Telstra Programmable Network.

Respond fast

See issues and make changes to firewall policies as they’re needed, including firewall rules, network configuration (NAT rules), VPN configuration (site-to-site) and URL filtering.

Flexible security

Get secure access through your Telstra IP services to public and private clouds, the Internet and remote sites.

How it works

Telstra Gateway Protection uses the automation capabilities of the Telstra Programmable Network to quickly connect your Next IP or IPVPN network to the Internet, hybrid clouds or your data centres. The Gateway Protection dashboard enables you to view and control your security policies, as well as status updates, threat levels, application use and access service reports.

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Why Telstra

Leading innovation in software-defined networks

Telstra Programmable Network is the industry’s first globally connected on demand networking platform, developed in-house using an agile DevOps model. We are continuing to build capabilities that power your competitive advantage, including a $3b commitment to digitising our network services.

Comprehensive security solutions

From denial-of-service protection, managed firewall, and internet protection, we have a range of solutions to help keep your organisation secure.

Keep your security tools up-to-date

We invest in security innovation to bring you new platforms for rapid, automated security alerts and management.

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