SASE enabled on Adapt Assured Meraki

Empower your workforce and strengthen security on a world-class network for every site

Key features

When you’re looking to rapidly connect sites, talk to us about how SD-WAN aligned to SASE can support your goals. Our simple migration service lets you take advantage of the benefits faster – we take care of provisioning, configuring, installing and maintaining the Meraki appliances. Plus, with inbuilt LTE, we’ll rapidly bring sites online even while fixed carriage is being deployed.

Set up branches. Connect remote workers. Deliver new services with Telstra’s cost-effective network solution.

Respond quickly and easily to business needs

With a flexible Adapt Assured Meraki SD-WAN installed, configured and maintained by Telstra, you’ll be able to meet your specific security and performance requirements.

Be confident your communications will flow smoothly

You’ll have the certainty of a single provider with a trusted end-to-end solution. Expect a smooth migration with proven best practice processes from an expert team who have successfully deployed over 7,000 SD-WAN devices.

Trust Telstra to safeguard your company with modern, cloud-based security

Our SASE-aligned security allows you to support hybrid working and do business in more places with protection for your company data, financial integrity and reputation.

Enjoy best-in-class technologies at an affordable price

No matter how many sites you have, Telstra offers a cost-effective SD-WAN option that doesn’t compromise on security or performance. 

Bring sites online faster

Move, add or change sites when you need with cloud-hosted, plug-and-play technology that can be online in hours with rapid LTE activation.

Streamline your network implementation

We’ll take care of your network, cloud security and infrastructure with along with 24x7 monitoring and helpdesk as part of the solution.


Get a secure, flexible network for a predictable monthly fee with discounted onboarding. Adapt Assured Meraki SD-WAN with Telstra Internet Protection: Web Secure delivers security and performance wherever your business is open.

Draw on global experts

Our strategic partnership with Cisco Meraki along with deep experience delivering world-class technology, networks and expertise will help you achieve your business outcomes.

Upgrade to the gold standard in security

Telstra can deliver the host of cloud security functions that make up SASE (secure access service edge) – bringing you comprehensive protection without having to invest in multiple points of security.

Gain better visibility of your risk

You’ll have an integrated view to simplify management and issue resolution through your Customer Security Management Portal, where you can monitor current threat reports for spam, virus, malware.

Safeguard branches and hybrid workers

Shut down attacks and web-borne threats with comprehensive Telstra Internet Protection along with our Adapt Assured Meraki solution.

Optimise the efficiency and functionality of your network

Telstra unites services, products and coverage, underpinned by one-stop support spanning connectivity and managed network services.

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Have the certainty of a single provider with a trusted solution

Backed by Telstra’s expertise, you’ll have the certainty of a trusted solution bringing you world-class security on a high-performance network.

Business transformation made simple

See how Telstra makes SD-WAN and SASE simple.

[Title] Flexible working. Modern Security. How Telstra makes SD-WAN and SASE simple.

[Text on screen] CISCO Meraki.

Today's business needs to be fast and flexible, ready to add and move sites, empower hybrid workers, and deliver new services.

[Text on screen] Set up branches. Deliver new services. Connect remote workers.

[Text on screen] Network performance and security.

That demands a cost-effective high-performance network with robust security. We make it easy with adapt-assured Meraki SD-WAN installed, configured, and maintained by Telstra. Safeguarded by Telstra’s web secure, you can open sites in no time with rapid activation,

[Text on screen] Rapid LTE Activation

secure branches and hybrid workers with SASE aligned cloud security,

[Text on screen] SASE gold standard

manage settings through an intuitive dashboard,

[Text on screen] High visibility dashboard. Predictable monthly fee.

and rely on 24/7 local support for a predictable, affordable, monthly fee. get started with a free consultation today.

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Technical Datasheet

Read the details of how SASE enabled on Telstra’s Adapt Assured Meraki protects your business.



Why Telstra

Telstra’s scale

Telstra has the coverage and reach to deliver anywhere in Australia. Our services are underpinned by secure and reliable network infrastructure.

Expertise and support

We’ll take care of your network, cloud security and infrastructure, and our Network Operations Centre ensures we can respond to your network issues 24/7.

End-to-end services

We have the skills and capabilities to make your SD-WAN/SASE journey a success, supporting you with design, implementation and management of a secure, integrated SD-WAN solution across your sites.

Getting started

See how Telstra makes SD-WAN and SASE simple with a free consultation