A secure and reliable network to thrive on

Reach global markets with Telstra’s Private Networks - Next IP® which offers a range of dynamic, intelligent, and integrated solutions that help you to thrive in a more connected digital future.

Key features

Delivered using MPLS technology, our Next IP® can help connect your business sites easily and cost effectively, with the added advantage of strong service levels, online reporting and a single point of contact for implementation, billing and support.

Highly secure and reliable to help you connect confidently across the globe, our Next IP® also deliver the benefits of having your own private IP network without the expense of owning and maintaining the network infrastructure.

Superior coverage with global reach

Supported on one of Australia’s largest fully integrated MPLS IP platform with over 2,000 points of presence in over 230 countries worldwide to let your business grow faster, and with more reach.

One network to bring it all together

An IP network with embedded access to future cloud environments, collaboration tools and applications to help you thrive.

Highly secure

Advanced security for your data through the adoption of security design best practice and independently audited ISO-27001 accreditation.

End-to-end support

A 24/7 help desk provides a single contact point for all your Business IP network and on-site equipment support requirements.

Managed network services

Telstra manages your virtual private network end-to-end, freeing up your resources to focus on your core business.

Comprehensive access options

Choose from a range of last mile access services to connect your sites, such as Telstra Fibre, Direct Fibre, Ethernet or Broadband over the nbn® network.


Connect your business sites easily

Our highly scalable networks reach into almost every corner of the world, enabling us to provide you with a truly global solution to connect your business.

Global network coverage

Whether you need connectivity globally or in Australia, Telstra can offer one quote, order form, service schedule, delivery manager and service performance portal to meet your requirements across the globe.

Prioritise data traffic

Easily segment traffic streams and prioritise the traffic that is most important to your business with six Classes of Service (CoS).

Resilient, robust network

All network traffic automatically travels via the shortest available route and is quickly re-routed in the event of a fault to maximise your service uptime.

A network to meet your changing business needs

With Telstra IPVPN you can be ready to introduce Voice over IP or Collaboration Services at any point in the future.

Case studies

Enhanced customer management system: South Australian Health

Our partnership with SA Health allowed for better secure access of centralised records at the patient’s bedside, improving patient experience, staff efficiency and accuracy.

[Text on screen: Telstra Case Study, SA Health]

David Johnston, CIO, SA Health: If there’s an error made, that can be extremely expensive for the system and it can be life threatening literally for the patient.

[Text on screen: A connected cure for the South Australian health system.]

VOICE OVER: Here in South Australia, it’s been calculated if current trends continue, health care could absorb 100% of the State budget by 2032.

DAVID: The cost is increasing in real terms about eight per cent per annum. It’s driven by a number of factors - one’s an aging population, which is well known. There’s an increase in cost of healthcare because of biomedical technology. It’s extremely important that the healthcare system reforms itself. A huge part of it I believe is technology.

VO: A technological answer for SA health is the Enterprise Patient Administration System or EPAS and they chose Telstra to help them make it a reality. Telstra worked with SA Health to convert and refine an existing entertainment delivery system so it could be used by health professionals at bedside. EPAS is now suitable for clinical use because clinicians helped design it. 

Judy Cornish, Clinical Director, Flinders Medical Centre ER: We have a lot of clinicians involved with EPAS and for each sub speciality to have important bits of their work flows and processes incorporated within EPAS as much as possible.

VO: Using EPAS to access centralised records can also improve the patient experience.

Terry Ventrice, Clinical Practice Consultant, Royal Adeliade Hospital: When a patient comes into a hospital they often have to repeat the same information over and over again and you have the risk of information not being relayed correctly. 

JUDY: The other part is that it also should improve the efficiency of the system as well because there won’t be the same duplication or waste that currently exists. If someone’s just had blood tests done yesterday at one site and they don’t need to be repeated today, we’ll know that now.

VO: Administration is another area where EPAS will free up time for hospital staff.

DAVID: For example we looked at forms, how many forms are filled in across the system. We stopped counting at three and a half thousand. Personally I think is an absolutely massive opportunity get rid of those three and a half thousand forms and standardise the information again that reduces mistakes and mistakes cost money, mistakes cost lives so that’s where technology starts to move in. VO: Having helped develop EPAS, Telstra will also install it around the State. That means 3,500 EPAS bedside monitors will be installed at 8 metropolitan hospitals and 4 country hospitals. Telstra will also supply a vital extra element that makes the entire EPAS project financially possible - entertainment content for hospital patients to purchase.

DAVID: The state could not afford to put this technology in by itself so that the entertainment component’s critical. Now entertainment requires content so the reason with Telstra is because it’s a content provider as well as an infrastructure provider so it was in a unique position to offer both parts of that requirement. The other component that interested us with Telstra is that it saw it from a strategic point of view. The one thing I am impressed with Telstra is that they’ve actually stuck it out for the long haul, most companies would’ve given up by now.

VO: Australia is one of the first places in the world to use the technology EPAS is based on for clinical practise and Telstra has worked hard to get it right. In 2013, the official roll out begins. 

JUDY: So now not only will we have all of the results and information available as clinicians at the bedside, but also can actually show and involve the patient. 

DAVID: We’re not talking about marginal amounts of improvements, technology can bring quantum improvements to health.

TERRY: At the end of the day it is about the patient, that patient is the core, that is

the centre of our business and everything we do should be around that patient cause

that it why we’re here.

It’s how we connect. Telstra.com


Frequently asked questions

Business IP consists of a simple IP Port and access bundle, for customers who prefer to choose their own onsite equipment, or use existing equipment. Telstra installs an access port on the customer premises and provides network design and configuration. Customers can use a range of features to suit their business. Built on the resilient and secure Telstra Next IP® network, Business IP offers a range of access solutions across the nbn network and Telstra Fibre to connect sites across Australia.

We offer 10Mbps - 10Gbps dependent on the access solution used.

Business IP Customers have access to extensive network performance reporting:

  • Service Usage Reports
  • Network Performance Reports
  • COS

Business IP offers up to 99.995% availability with a Telstra fibre Fully redundant access service.

Business IP on Telstra Fibre access offers 24x7 service coverage with 1 hour standard response target and 12 hours restoration target (for urban sites). Service assurance levels for Business IP on nbn access depend on the type of access. Customers can also purchase enhanced premium SLAs for Business IP.

Why Telstra

Reliable, high quality performance through the Telstra network

Consistently high-quality collaboration and application underpinned by our Next IP network and Australia’s largest mobile network.

A network to rely on

We monitor our network around the clock with dedicated operating centres using advanced management systems. We can provide helpdesk support and proactive response to manage problems as they happen and restore services.

We help reduce network management complexity

To make your experience as simple as possible, we offer options that manage your network from end-to-end, across the entire lifecycle of a fault across both carriage and equipment.

Getting started

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Things you need to know

Services, access types and bandwidth options not available to all areas or premises.

The end to end target availability for your service would be lower than the core availability target of 99.9995% due to separate availability targets for our IP edge network and access services.

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