Telstra Digital Water Metering

Actionable insights for better water networks

Telstra’s Digital Water Metering solution provides you with insights into water consumption wherever a device is installed across your water network. Make informed decisions to manage resources better and help extend the life of your assets with an all-in-one solution on Australia’s largest IoT network.

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Key features

Telstra’s Captis Metrum Device

A CAT-M1 and NB-IoT certified device specifically designed to fit most existing mechanical water meters.

Telstra’s Water Management Application

See daily or weekly water consumption, aggregated consumption over time, flow and trend analysis, as well as peak and non-peak consumption, with intuitive dashboards.

Network connectivity and SIM management

Telstra’s Captis Metrum devices connect within Telstra’s LTE-M/NB-IoT coverage areas. We take care of SIM management and data connectivity as part of a bundled service.


Our virtual private network helps you keep devices and data secure.

Access to Telstra IoT platform

A single platform to manage your IoT device and water consumption data via Telstra’s Water Management Application.


Make more informed decisions

Network transparency enables you to make more informed decisions. Improve forecasts and services with insights from data and analytics, and track and benchmark your operational performance.

Help extend the life of your assets

Resolve incidents faster with alerts and notifications. Plan infrastructure investment and defer replacement by monitoring consumption and managing peak demand.

Reduce non-revenue water

Digital water metering helps you identify leaks before they become a liability to your business and your customers.

Improve customer engagement

Give your customers visibility and control over their water consumption, and help reduce bill shock where a device is installed at a customer premise.

Help build an environmentally sustainable business

Preserve one our most valuable resources with insights and tools that can help you implement environmentally sustainable practices.

How it works

Data capture

Captis Metrum collects meter readings at regular intervals.

Data transmission

Data is transmitted via Telstra’s IoT network when located within LTE-M or NBIoT coverage areas.

Data analytics

Apply analytics to your data on our IoT platform.

Data insights

View consumption data on our web portal.

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IoT Alliance Awards 2019

IoT Impact Sustainability Award Winner

Why Telstra?

Innovate with confidence on the Telstra IoT Network

Securely connect more things in more places on the Telstra IoT Network - Australia’s largest – with a range of future-proof, ready-built network technologies for a range of use cases.

IoT-invested for the long haul

When you’re investing in a long-term business case, you need a long-term partner. With a team of IoT specialists, ongoing infrastructure investment, market-leading technology and global partnerships, IoT is at the core of our strategy.

We’re more than IoT

We will work with you to understand your business challenges and technology needs beyond IoT, from device and data management to data analytics and machine learning, we’ll deliver solutions that help your business thrive.

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