Telstra Private Cloud

Unlock the potential of a secure Private Cloud

Telstra Private Cloud is at the core of our hybrid cloud environment, enabling you to build an integrated and optimised infrastructure that adapts as your business grows.

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Telstra Private Cloud key features

With security, compliance, and networking at its core, we help businesses accelerate digitisation. Our cloud expertise and strategic alliances will set you up for future transformation.

Managed infrastructure

Making the complex simple - leave the regular monitoring, patching and updating to us, while you maintain control of your virtual machines and cloud environment.

Integrated and automated IT eco-system

Bringing your cloud and network together is much simpler with Telstra Cloud Connectorᵀᴹ.

Strategic alliances

Get a highly integrated, automated, and adaptive Telstra cloud experience supported by partnerships with world-class service providers - Dell Technologies and VMware.

Self-service with Telstra Cloud Sightᵀᴹ

Get complete visibility over your cloud, with the ability to purchase, deploy, and manage cloud services digitally through a self-service experience.

Telstra Private Cloud benefits

Flexibility and security

Scale operations and modernise applications at your own pace with an enterprise-grade secure and connected cloud with data centres right here in Australia.

Performance efficiency

Get dedicated infrastructure, and workload visibility - all with a single, native management experience.

Predictive billing

Choice of contract duration, visibility and predictability of spend, and lower lifecycle and management costs to help optimise your ICT investments.


Leverage cloud migration capability and experience from Telstra specialists and accredited Telstra Enterprise Partners to enhance innovation and business transformation.

Your Telstra Private Cloud at a glance

We support your business at every stage of your cloud journey. Our comprehensive offering is well-designed to include secure access to a hosted private cloud environment - with scalability and adaptability for your future business requirements, making technology more approachable.

Helping to remove the barriers and simplifying the complexities businesses experience, Telstra Private Cloud enables a Hybrid Cloud experience through Telstra Cloud Sightᵀᴹ, with visibility and management of your public and private cloud environments and integrated cloud connectivity, connecting the technology dots for you.

Secure and smooth integration of Telstra’s Adaptive Networks with your public and private cloud will now be possible with Telstra Cloud Connectorᵀᴹ enabling private network connectivity to your cloud environment.

  • A minimum two hosts for in-built redundancy
  • Three different host configuration options (128GB RAM, 256GB RAM, 512GB RAM)
  • 1TB of standard storage included with each host purchase
  • Processing capacity of each host is committed to single use
  • One, 12, 24 and 36 month contract terms available
  • Ability to self-manage your cloud or request for a professional managed service through Telstra Enterprise Partners
  • Self-manage your virtual data centre with a dedicated VMware vCenter
  • Enhanced digital experience with Telstra Cloud Sight’s™ self-service features
  • Telstra Adaptive Networks integration through Telstra Cloud Connector™*
  • Hybrid Cloud Report

    How are Australian businesses approaching cloud? 

    We have data, insights, and recommendations to inspire you to take your business to the cloud.

    Dell Technologies Partner of the Year Award

    We have been recognised at the Dell Technologies Partner of the Year Awards 2022, winning the Dell Technologies Global Alliances – Breakthrough Award, APJ.

    Why Telstra

    Security built into your cloud solution

    We know that in an evolving threat landscape, security is a whole-of-business priority. We have the subject matter expertise through our in-house cloud strategies, qualified Telstra professionals, and our Telstra Enterprise partners to simplify your cloud journey, so you can do business in the cloud with confidence and peace of mind.

    A framework built on partnerships

    Our strong alliances aim to provide a private cloud environment suited to your unique needs. Our extensive cloud capability and solution design supported by Dell Technologies and VMware, makes it possible for you to sustain a familiar, repeatable and scalable technology pattern through a highly integrated, secure, and optimised cloud experience.

    Connect to optimise with Telstra Adaptive Networks

    Well-integrated cloud and network solutions are essential for optimal application performance and operational efficiency. Our Adaptive Cloud services, combined with our Adaptive Networks, augments technology benefits so you can innovate with confidence and control, thus maximising your cloud potential.

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    Things you need to know

    * Telstra Cloud ConnectorTM is purchased separately and can be managed via Telstra Cloud SightTM