Connected Workplace

A smarter, simpler way to connect and collaborate in the workplace

Office communications made simple, fast, and easy. Connected Workplace improves the way your people work with each other, interact with customers, and liaise with suppliers and partners.


An all inclusive solution across all your sites

A complete office worker package providing premium connectivity, collaboration, voice, video and security capability through a digitally enabled solution on a per-user per month basis.

Officer worker on laptop illustration

  • Voice and video (unlimited domestic usage exc premium services)
  • Soft phone - enabling voice calls from your computer
  • Sufficient data to run your business successfully
  • Collaboration Instant Messenger and Presence
  • Managed Private Network
  • End User Internet Protection web and mail service
  • Bandwidth Boost (Optional add-on)
  • Fax Line (Optional add-on)

Find out how Connected Workplace can simplify your business

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Allowing you to focus on what matters

Pay only for what you need

All services are charged on a per-user per month basis under a single contract and bill that applies to all your sites so you can easily forecast and reconcile your IT spend.

Flexible and adaptable across locations

Add sites and users easily to scale up or down as your business needs change.

Putting you in control

Do away with the complexity of managing separate plans, providers, platforms applications, and multiple invoices to simplify your business operations.

Improving workplace productivity

Richer experiences across various platforms foster better collaboration, enabling you to leverage skillsets across the organisation and maximise resources.

Manage and maintain easily

Stay on top of your connectivity needs through a self-service digital portal including order tracking, incident management and viewing usage and bills.

Simple to get up and running

Choose your service (if add ons required) , select your sites and nominate your users, and we’ll do the rest. Just book in a time for our experienced technicians to install your services.

Find out how Connected Workplace can simplify your business

What our customers are saying

  • Releasing benefits from Telstra Connected Workplace

    "The benefits for us were streamlining. It made everything easier and faster. They can be small gains, but in my industry - and probably many other industries - it's about minutes and providing gains. It's about time. And they all add up over 365 days, so if everyone in my office has saved 10 or 20 minutes a day over a working year, that's huge"

    Pete McMahon - General Manager, Car Craft Accident Repair Centres

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Why Telstra

Single contract, single bill, single provider

You get a single contract for all business communication needs for all your sites on a per-user cost model—no time is wasted on coordinating with and managing multiple suppliers. And you can forecast monthly IT spend and easily reconcile your bills.

Australia’s largest business network

The Next IP network offers greater network reach, reliability, response,and data security - so your business can tap into future possibilities, today.

Leading security solutions providing peace of mind

Protect your corporate data through proactive, in-the-cloud protection against phishing, malware, ransomware and impersonation attacks

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