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Independent analysis estimates a large ROI for water utilities

In order to help utilities understand the business case for investing in IoT solutions, we commissioned independent consultancy Nucleus3 to analyse the costs and benefits for a typical water utility.

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Dig into everything you need to know about scaling IoT for Water


Digital technology and intelligent platforms are potential game changers for water utilities.


Investment returns are estimated to be 1.40 to 1.


Millions of dollars in estimated net benefits .


Additional environmental benefits may add to the total return.

Discover what your organisation can gain from IoT

Read Nucleus3’s independent analysis of a typical water utility’s ROI in an Internet of Things intelligent water solution.

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The potential of IoT in the water network 

Reduction in non-revenue water 

Better placed to  predict and prevent  problems 

Longer  equipment  lifetimes  

Consumption insights to improve customer experience

Fewer faults and disruptions to water supply 

An easy-to-use dashboard offering near real-time  data  analysis

Beyond proof of concepts: Scaling IoT for Water

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Realising the full benefits of digitisation through IoT at scale

Digitisation and IoT solutions have the potential to deliver better end user experiences, help reduce costs and prevent faults, and provide crucial insights into consumption patterns.

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Want to secure short-term improvements and long-term sustainability?

A new report from industry analysts Ovum explores why the most successful IoT deployments are those where water utilities consider digital solutions at scale from the beginning. Initial trials and proofs of concepts are important, but the true test is whether these solutions can scale across the entire asset base and deliver on their full potential. That’s why knowing when and how-to scale is so crucial.

This report lays out what you need to know.

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Dig into everything you need to know about scaling IoT for Water


Understand the full range of opportunities for water digitisation.


Understanding the successful digital strategies of utilities like Sydney Water.

Customer focus

Moving from an asset-minded business to a customer-focused one.


Focusing on scale solutions through the 100% test.

Future proof

Making the right long-term technology connectivity choices.

The market

Exploring the role of telecom providers and the current state of IoT deployments.

See why water utilities should consider scaling tech early to move beyond endless trialling

Learn more about Telstra's IoT Water capabilities

Discover IoT water network solutions

Keep your network running efficiently with insights to help you plan maintenance and control performance.

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Telstra wins IoT Impact Sustainability Award

Our solutions and success with peak water providers including Sydney Water, Watercorp and Busselton Water earned us recognition at the IoT Impact Awards.

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