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Today’s retailers are using smartphone data to understand and leverage shoppers’ movements in space and time through their stores. This information is transforming retail marketing. It’s driving innovation in a tightly contested economy. And it’s providing shoppers with an experience that’s customised to their preferences, needs and habits.

Our Spacetime Marketing White Paper examines how you can take the holy grail of timely, relevant and valuable messaging to the next level to tap into shopper habits, locations and preferences.


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Spacetime Marketing research report overview


The new dimension for retailers

The opportunity for retailers with Spacetime Marketing

Harnessing power of Spacetime Marketing

Winning in the Spacetime Dimension

Key findings

Spacetime marketing – the art and the science of targeting the right customer, at the right time and place – has arrived.

With retail sales growth hard to find, gaining market share from rivals has never been more important. The connected customer – shopping with smartphone in hand – is fundamentally changing the way retailers interact with their customers.



30% of Australians used their mobile in store on their last visit 1


One in three Australians would accept push messages in store if they were timely, relevant and valuable1


One in three Australians would accept push messages in store, and more in certain demographic and behavioural categories


This valuable white paper contains original consumer research, case studies of spacetime marketing in action and unique insights into connected shoppers: how and when they’re most receptive to spacetime marketing messages and how you can get started on your spacetime marketing journey.  


1. Telstra Retail. Spacetime Marketing Research, 2016.

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