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March 22, 2019

VR headset connected to 5G

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There’s more to 5G than just speed. At the Telstra 5G Innovation Centre, we’ll take you on a journey to the not-so-distant future to learn all about 5G and be inspired by its possibilities for your business.

The Telstra 5G Innovation Centre in Gold Coast, Australia is a working lab, a collaboration space and an educational facility where you can learn all about 5G and experience it first-hand via live, interactive demonstrations. 

Telstra 5G innovation Centre billboard

Together with our Partners and Enterprise customers, this is also the very place – ground zero – where we’ve proudly achieved a number of Australian and world-firsts in 5G, including: 

  • World’s first 5G-enabled Wi-Fi hotspot precinct 
  • Australia’s first 5G Connected Car 
  • World’s first 5G data call using 26GHz millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum connected to a Production Network
  • World’s first eSports professional gaming experience over 5G
  • World’s first end-to-end 5G non-standalone data call on a commercial mobile network
  • Australia’s first use of a commercial 5G chipset in a form factor device over commercial spectrum 
  • World’s first connection of a 5G mid-band commercial device 
  • Australia’s first 5G video call 
  • Australia’s first commercial 5G to 5G video call

The 5G Innovation Centre features an ever-changing range of demonstrations that reflect the latest industry developments, showcasing real-world business applications. Some areas where we’ll explore the future potential of 5G include: 

  • Real-time video and remote management: Experience the quick response time of 5G that in the future will enable mission-critical applications like remote surgery and connected cars. 
  • Live video analytics: The 5GIC uses HD real-time video to enable facial and license plate recognition – providing safer, smarter use of space, streets and cities. Showcasing a future of safer streets and cities plus smarter use of space.
  • Robotics: The robots we have at the Innovation Centre use Artificial Intelligence that could boost productivity and engagement for businesses
  • Augmented reality: See firsthand how you can connect your workers and enable them with Augmented Reality.
  • Internet of Things: 5G will allow massive scale of connectivity. Here at the 5GIC, everything from our lights, to our spectacles, even the fridge is connected! Interact with various Internet of Things (IoT) devices controlling scalable, versatile and energy efficient spaces. 
  • Beamforming and MIMO: Learn how 5G smart antennas can deliver revolutionary throughput efficiently with beamforming. 
  • Virtual reality: Our virtual reality demonstration shows the next generation of immersive video in 360°!
  • Online gaming: Saving milliseconds can save the game in pro-gaming!