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Our corporate strategy

Our Strategic Pillars

Deliver brilliant customer experiences
Deliver brilliant customer experiences is focussed on delighting our customers by providing the best products and services on the best networks with a sales, service and support network that is simple, brilliant, intuitive and increasingly digital.

Drive value and growth from the core

We’ll continue to excel at the things we are good at and make changes to ensure the core of our business is more efficient, sustainable and profitable, focussing on customer and revenue growth, network superiority and driving productivity through simplifying the business.

Build growth in businesses close to the core

This pillar has been refined to be clear that our investments will focus on building from our core strengths and skills close to our core business. This includes our international enterprise business and expanding our international infrastructure and services businesses. We will continue to build domestic adjacencies which enhance our core strengths and invest in disruptive technologies to strengthen our core capabilities.

Our Strategic Enablers

To help us deliver on our strategy, we have three strategic enablers that are underpinned by comprehensive cross-company programs.

Networks for the future

Our networks are one of our biggest competitive advantages, and we must continue to invest to deliver unparalleled coverage, speed, reliability, and security. Our customers must benefit from a seamless end to end usage experience across our networks while building a network 2020 architecture.


Our systems and processes need to be digitised to enable brilliant customer experiences and to simplify our ways of working. There are three domains to digitisation: enabling digital experience for our customers and our people; building digital platforms; and moving to digital ways of working across our business.

Culture and capabilities

We need to build key capabilities and drive critical cultural shifts. We will also refocus on our core values, and drive greater simplicity and accountability throughout our company. 

Our purpose, vision and strategy