Telstra2022, our corporate strategy, will enable us to lead the Australian market by simplifying our products and services to improve customer experience, simplify our operations, and reduce our cost base. Our strategy has four pillars:

  • Radically simplify our product offerings, eliminate customer pain points and create all digital experiences
  • Establish a standalone infrastructure business unit to drive performance and provide future optionality post the nbn rollout
  • Greatly simplify our structure and ways of working to empower our people and serve our customers
  • Industry leading cost reduction program and portfolio management

It also builds on the up to $3 billion of capex announced in 2016 which we have been investing in our Networks for the Future and business digitisation programs.

Our Telstra2022 strategy will help us deliver:

  • Market leading customer experience
  • Simplified products, business and operating model
  • Extended network superiority and 5G leadership
  • Global High Performance Norm in employee engagement
  • Net cost productivity of $2.5bn
  • Post-nbn rollout Return on Investment Capital (ROIC) to greater than 10%