Our corporate strategy

T25 is a strategy for growth, with customer experience at the core of everything we do. 

This means providing the best experience every time you connect with us – with more consistency, more personalisation, and the products and services you need to connect as individuals or grow as businesses. This includes making our business simpler and more digital. We’re also continuing to build out our 4G and 5G network coverage to keep you connected, including expanding our regional network by 100,000 square kilometres.

For big business and enterprise, we will be the trusted partner you need to help you solve your business problems through our network, digitised services and tech. And in a tech world of growing cyber threats and risks, we’re working harder than ever to keep our networks, and your networks and devices, safe and protected.

Through all of this work, we are firmly focussed on doing what’s right by our customers and communities. Further reducing our carbon emissions, supporting our most vulnerable customers and continuing to build fairness, inclusion and accessibility into all that we do.