You may have noticed that your bill has a charge you don't recognise. You may have queries in regards to:

  • Your first and second bill
  • Your bill after you’ve changed or added a new service
  • Pro-rated charges
  • Late payment fees
  • Fixed outages
  • Excess data
  • Excess calls
  • Early termination charges
  • International roaming

If you need help disputing charges for new mobile services that you did not order, check our Fraud Prevention page for assistance.

If you need help reading and understanding the charges, our bill explainer provides a guide that explains the charges you see. You can also learn more about common bill charges.

If you are on a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan, you can view upcoming monthly payment details in the My Telstra app.


Query my bill

If you have any questions or queries regarding a bill charge, you can call 13 22 00 if you’d like to discuss these bill charges further or start a messaging conversation in My Telstra under Get Help.

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