3 ways to scale your business with technology

Learn how to keep up with rapidly changing technology as a small business. With tips to help streamline transactions and improve customer service.
· 14 March 2023 · 1 minute read

Including technology in your business plan can sometimes seem tricky and expensive. The good news is that technologies are becoming more accessible and user-friendly. Every business can benefit from tech, no matter your industry or the skill level of your team. Here, we share three ways you can scale your business with tech, even on a budget.


Explore the potential benefits of delivering services with video marketing

There is evidence to show that video content drives higher engagement than images on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But video content can be used for more than just advertising. With many Australians now connecting and working remotely, businesses are using videos to deliver services due to an increase in this type of demand.

Examples of services you can deliver via video

Many fitness studios now offer online video classes for members to practice at home and some restaurants offer cooking classes via online tutorials – the examples are abundant. A quality smartphone is all you need to get started and there are plenty of free resources available to help you take the first step, even if you’re camera-shy.

Tips for starting out with video content

Our tip is to sit down and plan a few of your videos in advance, so you can work to a structure that suits you best. Taking the time to develop a video marketing strategy as you get comfortable with creating this kind of content may also help keep you organised.


Consider a point-of-sale system for making transactions

Gone are the days where the only point-of-sale (POS) systems were cash registers at stores. POS solutions now come in all shapes and sizes thanks to new technologies such as cloud-based software and can be used in conjunction with smartphones and tablets.

Business benefits of point-of-sale systems

  • Many POS systems are easy to use
  • You can keep clear records of transaction histories all in one place
  • POS systems can be cost-effective
  • May be integrated with other business software solutions.

What kinds of businesses benefit from POS systems?

It’s not just bricks-and-mortar stores that have benefited from this technology: solo operators who sell at market stalls and trade professionals working on-site can use POS systems for sales and other customer transactions directly without insisting on cash only.

Why consider cloud-based POS software?

Cloud-based software provides a less risky alternative to purchasing a one-off software license. That’s because, with cloud-based applications, a subscription-based pay-as-you-go model makes the latest and greatest software affordable for more small businesses. This model also makes it easier to trial different POS solution options – often without the headache of lock-in contracts – and you never have to worry if you’re working with out-of-date software. 


Explore how virtual reality and augmented reality can help you sell online

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) offer exciting online sales opportunities for small and medium businesses.

Business benefits of virtual and augmented reality software

Some real estate agents have adopted virtual reality systems so that potential buyers can inspect properties from almost any location, so long as they’re connected to the internet. And some retailers are using augmented reality to give shoppers the ability to see how an item could look in their homes.

Customer benefits of augmented reality software

When retailers use AR to provide online shoppers the ability to picture items alongside their other possessions, customers may feel more confident buying items online. This is particularly relevant for big-ticket items like furniture or electronics.

How does it work?

First, customers download the app of the business they are shopping with online. Then, they simply hold their smartphone camera to a space in a room to see the superimposed image of the item they’ve been considering in the web store. The item basically looks as it would appear in real-life.

The cost of working with virtual and augmented reality software

There are many virtual reality headsets and systems on the market – some costing hundreds of dollars – but you there are more affordable options if you’d like to try out the technologies for yourself. 


Think of how technology can help you work with greater efficiency

Operating in the digital landscape provides you with many opportunities to leverage the power of tech. And though introducing new technologies into your business model may seem daunting, you may also benefit from making changes. Whether you invest in new hardware or software, there are cost-effective ways to empower your business with tech. The trick is finding what works for your business, and its objectives, best.


Originally published November 2021. Updated March 2023.

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