How to manage transactions on the go

The world is moving, fast. And so is business. Being able to make sales and manage transactions from more places is not only convenient, it’s also empowering. Learn how accepting payments on the go helps you meet customer expectations.
· 30 May 2023 · 6 minute read

If you've noticed more customers embracing digital payment technologies, you're observing a sign of the times. In the past few years, contactless payments have seen a significant rise in use amongst consumers, with more than four in five (82%) of Australians using tap and go methods every week.

Given that so many customers seem to prefer making contactless payments, it makes sense to explore payment technologies that will allow your business to make sales from more places.

The power of making sales on the go

Many small and medium businesses can benefit from managing transactions while on the go. Some benefits of taking payments from more places may include:

  • Keeping up with the pace of change. For example, tradespeople can now take payments from clients who’d prefer to pay them for a job on the spot.
  • Gaining a competitive edge. For example, market holders can operate pop-up stores from more places when they’re armed with portable payment technology.
  • Serving customers quickly. For example, hospitality venues can take payments from customers standing in line, or seated at tables, with some mobile EFTPOS devices.

As demonstrated in the examples listed above, embracing portable payment devices can help improve your business efficiency, revenue and customer service.

How do contactless payment solutions help improve customer experience?

If you want to accommodate the increasing demand for contactless payments, working with mobile and portable payment systems is a great way to improve your customer experience.

Using EFTPOS technologies that accept mobile payments can help make life easier for your customers. This is because mobile payments can often provide more flexibility and convenience for a buyer wanting to make a purchase.

Many consumers already make on the go payments by using their smartphones or wearable devices. So, to help your business keep up with customer expectations in the current market, it's important you offer flexibility with the payment methods you offer.

Are cash payments a thing of the past?

While some consumers do still choose to pay with cash, it’s also no secret that less consumers are opting for this payment method. Reflecting the steep decline in the use of cash, the Australian Banking Association reports that ATM use has been dropping since 2008.

Meanwhile, the frequency of debit card use is sharply increasing.  So, if your business model relies solely on taking cash payments, you could be missing out on sales.

How your business could benefit from portable payment machines

To help your business accept payments quickly and securely, it's worth considering a portable EFTPOS machine. Unlike countertop EFTPOS devices, portable machines are designed to take payments from cards, smartphones, and wearable devices on the go.

Key benefits of portable EFTPOS machines

  • Convenience. When customers can pay you by card on the spot, you won’t need to rely on processing cheques, giving change, or sending invoices.
  • Immediacy. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your payments are processed in the moment.
  • Security. Electronic payment methods help you take payments securely by using encrypted data.
  • Efficiency. With the right EFTPOS solution, you can keep electronic records of all your transactions, helping you keep track of sales.

Finding a portable payment solution to suit your business needs

Investing in an EFTPOS solution that you can take with you on the go empowers your business. But if you’re new to the concept, it pays to choose a solution with a simple setup.

For small and medium sized businesses looking for a solution that’s quick and easy to install, it’s worth exploring the Tyro Go EFTPOS reader.

A compact, portable and lightweight EFTPOS reader, Tyro Go pairs via Bluetooth with the free Tyro Go App, which you can use on your compatible internet enabled smart device.

Benefits of Tyro Go for your business

  • It’s portable. The wireless device is small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • It saves on paper. The Tyro Go app allows you to send branded digital receipts, so there’s no need for printing physical copies.
  • View all your transactions at a glance via the real-time reporting dashboard in the Tyro Go App. Or download sales data to gain valuable insights about your business performance and customer behaviour.
  • It acts as a queue buster to maintain sales momentum and serve customers fast

Technology is on the move and so are businesses. Embracing portable payment technology can create a simpler and faster checkout process. This can improve the brand experience, which can encourage loyalty and generate repeat business.


Tyro Go requires a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device or tablet, an app to be installed and mobile network coverage. View T&Cs at

Want a convenient and portable payment solution for your business?

Make sales from the palm of your hand with pocket-sized, portable EFTPOS. Connected via Bluetooth to your smart device, Tyro Go gives you freedom to take payments on the go.

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