Tech State of Play 2024 trends report – emerging technologies for business

Insights to power your business today and tomorrow

Download your Tech State of Play report to help propel your business further through technology.

What will I learn?

Shifting business priorities 

Learn what’s top of mind for other small and medium business leaders and what’s changing.

Paths to greater productivity

Discover how business leaders and workers think tech can help boost productivity.

Technologies with big benefits

See what tech solutions your peers believe will have the most positive impact on business.

How to prioritise investments

Explore tips to help you make the right tech choices to support your business strategy.

How will my business benefit?

Whether you dream of the ideal work-life balance or propelling your business to new heights, embracing the latest tech trends can help you in today’s changing world.

Download your Tech State of Play report [PDF, 797KB] to access insights from research with leaders of small and medium businesses, customers and workers. It’s a complimentary resource that offers actionable tips to help you take your next step in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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