How do I use my Telstra 4GX USB Pro?

What is Telstra 4GX USB Pro?

The Telstra 4GX USB Pro is a device that plugs in to your Telstra Business Smart Modem. If there’s an issue with your nbn™ connection, it provides you with a backup phone and internet service using Telstra’s 4G mobile network.

The Telstra 4GX USB Pro is also handy when waiting for your nbn service to be activated, as you can use it as an interim solution in the meantime. 

How do I connect my Telstra 4GX USB Pro?

If you have a Telstra Business Smart Modem, you will have received a Telstra 4GX USB Pro.

Plug the device into the USB port on the side of your modem, and it will automatically connect to Telstra’s mobile network. Once connected, it provides you with a backup internet and phone service if your nbn connection is inactive.

What do the lights on my Telstra 4GX USB Pro mean?

List of network light indicator colours and statuses
Network indicator LED colour Status
Dark blue 3G mobile network is available
Light blue 4G mobile network is available
Red No mobile network is available

What if I don’t have a Telstra Business Smart Modem?

If you have a Telstra Smart Modem (not the Telstra Business Smart Modem) then you don’t need one of these devices, as this function is built in to the modem itself. 

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