How do I find out more about my office phone service?

We have three different types of office phone connection at Telstra.

Select one from the list below to find out more.


Business Voice Plan on nbn or PSTN

These features are included in this plan:

  • MessageBank®: A personal answering service for your phone. Available on the nbn for no charge
  • Directory Voice Services: Use 1234, Call Connect 12456 or Directory Assistance 1223 to find who you are looking for fast
  • Call Number Display (CND): Help identify who is calling before you answer. Available on the nbn, for no charge
  • Call waiting: Answer a second incoming call by putting your first call on hold
  • Call forward: Divert calls from your home phone to the number of your choice
  • Conferencing: Conferencing allows you to chat with two people at once. Not available on the nbn
  • Call Return: Retrieve the number of your last answered call and get back to them by dialing *10#.

Telstra Business SIP

Telstra Business SIP provides you with an IP voice service, meaning you can use your office phone by connecting to the internet.

You can download support guides for your SIP service, and learn more about SIP on our Business SIP page.

Business SIP allows you to:

  • Control your call forwarding and routing settings including:
    • Forwarding calls to mobiles
    • Allowing staff to route calls to others when they are unavailable
    • Having multiple employees’ phone lines ring simultaneously.
  • Access and manage your voicemail including loading a personal greeting
  • Control your call number display settings.

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