How do I buy software through Telstra Apps Marketplace?

The Telstra Apps Marketplace houses a wide range of the world's leading applications and services, handpicked for your business. To purchase an application from the apps marketplace you’ll need to create a Telstra Apps Marketplace Account. You can find, browse and buy applications that are on the Telstra Apps Marketplace in a number of ways.

How to buy as a standard User?

If you are a standard user in a company (i.e. not a company admin), you can request applications to be purchased (and assigned). 

Once you process a request to purchase an application, your company admin will receive an email of your request. They will need to approve your request. 

Upon completion of this event, you will then be notified via email that the company admin has approved your request, and your application will be accessible via the MyApps portal.

How to buy as a Company Admin?

If you are a company admin of your company, you can browse, try and buy any applications on the marketplace. 

You do not need anyone's approval as you hold the full authority title for the company. 

Once you have purchased an application, your application will be accessible via the MyApps portal. 

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