2024 State Finalists - Promoting Sustainability

Sustainability-focused businesses

Get to know the businesses that reduced their environmental impact by driving sustainable change within their industries in 2024.

Promoting Sustainability Finalists by state

Australian Capital Territory

Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT)

ACT Finalist

Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) is a biotechnology research company that offers a globally affordable genome profiling option which acts to provide actionable business/research recommendations for farmers, breeders, scientists and ecologists. Founded in 2001, DArT has a key focus on improving food security, social equity and ecological sustainability.

Feed For Thought

ACT Finalist

Feed For Thought is a new generation pet food company, creating a sustainable, insect-protein based pet food. Driven by a desire to create nutritious food for pets without costing the earth, Founder Alison Gordon developed a way to utilise our abundance of insects to create natural pet food. 

New South Wales


NSW Finalist

CATCH Power is an Australian manufacturer of electronic devices that are targeted towards homeowners and solar installers. 

Its goal is to match household loads with surplus solar to help homeowners take control of their energy usage. 

Lyka Pet Food

NSW Finalist

Lyka Pet Food is flipping the pet food industry on its head, delivering fresh, human-grade wholefood meals straight to customers around Australia, with a mission to transform the health of Aussie dogs.

Saarinen Organics

NSW Finalist

Founded by Kay Saarinen, Saarinen Organics is a skincare manufacturer delivering genuine, sustainable, and effective skincare products without compromising on quality or the environment. 

Saarinen Organics believes in the power of local ingredients, is passionate about reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to the sustainability of its community.


NSW Finalist

SAPHI offers tech-agnostic solutions with a specialisation in emerging technologies. 

Catering to the mining, utilities, government and heavy industry sectors, SAPHI provides unbiased and customised solutions to align with each client's unique requirements.

Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning

NSW Finalist

Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning provides a comprehensive range of services including glass cleaning, pressure cleaning, soft washing and more for commercial, strata, and residential properties. 

The company has a focus on utilising innovative technologies, investing in the training and development of its skilled technicians alongside strong client relationships.

Swag Australia

NSW Finalist

Swag Australia's mission to provide households with simple and affordable solutions to reduce food and plastic waste led to the creation of its innovative products, The Swag and Veggie Saver. 

The food storage and produce bags are reusable, machine washable and compostable, helping Australians keep their produce fresher for longer while reducing both food and plastic waste. 



QLD Finalist

Evercleaner is an impact-driven cleaning and body-care company on a mission to remove single use plastic from Australian households. 

By replacing single-use kitchen, bathroom and laundry products with tabs and reusable bottles, Evercleaner makes environmentally friendly products more accessible, helping shoppers reduce their carbon footprint.

Little Birdie Hair Co

QLD Finalist

Little Birdie Hair Co is a sustainable hair salon that crafts beautiful hairstyles without harsh chemicals. 

Founded by Tenille Lawrence whose own experience with chemical poisoning as a hairstylist inspired her to revolutionise the industry, the salon ensures clients look fabulous and feel great in an eco-friendly environment.

Stockyard Beef

QLD Finalist

Stockyard Beef is a multi-generational family business dedicated to bringing people together over outstanding beef. 

The business breeds, raises and feeds premium grain-fed Wagyu and Angus cattle while remaining committed to being a leader in sustainable beef production, with initiatives across animal welfare, environment, people and community pillars. 

Sunshine Hydro

QLD Finalist

Sunshine Hydro is a carbon free energy company leveraging long duration energy storage through pumped hydro systems. 

Its asset management tool, AESOP, optimises operational outcomes and has significantly increased confidence levels in the projects developed by Sunshine Hydro.

South Australia


SA Finalist

2XE helps organisations achieve and maintain net zero with a focus on holistic return on investment and a commitment to respectful relationships. 

Over the past 12 years, the team has worked with over 1000 companies, industry associations and government agencies on ESG, net zero, circular economy and sustainability consulting services.


SA Finalist

Cashzone is a licensed pawnbroker and second-hand dealer. The business champions sustainability and is striving to reduce waste and remind Australians that second hand is not second best. 

The team focuses on gender, disability and first nations equal employment, and actively engages with partners and local communities to recycle.


SA Finalist

Transmutation is a craft sized recycling and manufacturing business that makes and sells circular economy products, proving to its customers that waste can be great. 

The business sells everything from bags, belts, clothing and jewellery, homewares, and more.

Treasure Boxes

SA Finalist

Treasure Boxes is a not-for-profit children’s charity providing essential items to families caring for disadvantaged newborns and children. 

The team supports over 170 government and non-government organisations with the provision of 'Treasure Boxes', including nursery equipment, toys and books, bedding and nappies to care for at-risk children and vulnerable families. 

Woodlane Orchard

SA Finalist

Woodlane Orchard takes surplus produce from South Australian farmers and dehydrates it to create soups, meals, snacks, punches and more. 

The team is determined to help reduce food wastage in rural communities and support farmers by purchasing surplus produce from them that would otherwise be destined for wastage. 


Fulcrum Robotics

TAS Finalist

Fulcrum Robotics provides innovative multidisciplinary services to the industrial, environmental and technology sectors. 

Fulcrum Robotics utilises robotics to provide safe and effective access to hazardous environments remotely, and its highly skilled team thrives on tailoring cost-effective solutions to meet any problem or requirement.

Ivory & Deene

TAS Finalist

Ivory & Deene is a homewares, decor, and lighting brand that embodies the ethos of affordable luxury. 

Its extensive range of products bring together style, quality, and affordability with the ambition to allow individuals to create personal sanctuaries they can take pride in.

Leven River Cruises

TAS Finalist

Leven River Cruises specialises in river cruises and creates unforgettable moments along Tasmania's beautiful Leven River. 

Whether it's a tranquil scenic cruise or an exciting wildlife encounter, each voyage is meticulously planned with attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

SDG Align

TAS Finalist

SDG Align helps businesses re-imagine success beyond traditional profits, steering them towards a more socially and environmentally responsible footprint. 

SDG Align provides the framework and tools for businesses to navigate the terrain of sustainability and corporate responsibility with valuable insights and information.

Tasman Pest Management

TAS Finalist

Tasman Pest Management is a pest management business that provides residential and commercial clients with the latest products and techniques to safely control common pest issues. 


Adorn Cosmetics

VIC Finalist

Driven by a passion for sustainability, Briony Kennedy founded Adorn Cosmetics in 2008.

With the aim to create positive social change, Adorn Cosmetics makes certified, ethically made, circular cosmetics and skincare that is kinder to people, the planet, and animals. 

AP Group

VIC Finalist

AP Group is a leading pharmacy consultancy, established in 2011 by CEO and Managing Director Robert Whelan.

The team fosters positive and genuine relationships with clients and stakeholders, while its innovative online data room has transformed the approach to pharmacy business sales.

FG Advisory

VIC Finalist

FG Advisory provides clients with valuable strategic insights on their property portfolio, backed by proven engineering concepts and sound project implementation to help transition them to a net zero emissions future.

Nationwide Waste Solutions

VIC Finalist

Nationwide Waste Solutions solves waste management needs quickly and professionally and aims to enhance the profitability of Australian businesses by minimising waste and maximising materials recovery. 

It offers several solution-based facility services, including specialist services such as liquid waste removal and medical waste removal. 


VIC Finalist

Mother of two, Monique Samara launched PACKQUEEN with a mission to make packaging easy for start-up businesses through to large multi-national corporations. 

It offers thousands of quality packaging solutions to choose from, along with custom-designed boxes to help meet every packaging need. 


VIC Finalist

ReSource is a large-scale e-waste processing company that makes it easy, cost-effective and safe for Victorians to properly dispose of e-waste while making a world of difference for the environment. 

ReSource provides a one-stop-shop for waste companies, councils, manufacturers, recycling centres, IT companies, appliance retailers and other sustainability focused businesses. 

Western Australia

ADAPT By Design

WA Finalist

ADAPT By Design has a vision to build incredible communities by empowering small and medium businesses, globally, and to address the staggering failure rates of Australian SMEs. The business works towards this goal by empowering high performing leaders and teams, to ensure businesses are set up to scale sustainably and profitably.


WA Finalist

C-wise recycles organic carbon, providing smart, natural solutions to farms, communities, and industry to allow clients to make organic carbon an integral part of their operations. 

Its organic carbon helps improve soil health and productivity, powering soil to grow grain, fruits, vegetables, and support livestock.

Margaret River Roasting Co

WA Finalist

Born from a passion for exceptional coffee, Margaret River Roasting Co. was established in 2016 by Co-Founders James Tischhauser and Isaac Kara with a simple mantra - 'good coffee for good people'. 

Today, Margaret River Roasting Co. is a thriving community united by a love for exquisite coffee and a shared vision for a sustainable future. 


WA Finalist

Born out of the need to reduce single use plastic, Natraplas offers a broad range of compostable single use and reusable biopolymer items, as well as organic based items and aluminium cups to retail and wholesale markets. 

Regen Power

WA Finalist

Born and bred in Perth in 2003 when the market was still learning about rooftop solar PV systems, Regen Power is a pioneer in residential and commercial solar power system and solar panel solutions. 

The team installed over 40,000 residential rooftop solar systems Australia-wide and led the charge into other countries to start projects with both economic and educational implication in sustainable living.

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