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Championing Health Finalists by state

Australian Capital Territory

The Healthy Eating Clinic

ACT Finalist

The Healthy Eating Clinic is a premium nutrition and dietetics clinic in Canberra, with a passion for setting people free from food stress and build healthy eating habits. With a team of qualified dietitians, they provide clients with individualised nutrition advice, guidance and support.

NatureArt Lab

ACT Finalist

Established in 2017 by wildlife and botanical artist, Julia Landford, NatureArt Lab is an art school and environmental education centre with a vision to connect people with nature through art. NatureArt Lab offers a range of teaching programs that integrate art, science and environmental sustainability.


ACT Finalist

Founded by Carol Jennings when mainstream swimming classes weren’t able to cater for her son’s disabilities, WaterWombats offers individualised aquatic based services for children living with a disability. WaterWombats provides children and teenagers that have diverse needs with water safety, swimming and aquatic therapy programs designed for their needs.

Ascent Rehabilitation

ACT Finalist

Ascent Rehabilitation is a boutique occupational rehabilitation business with a mission to inspire, empower and create solutions for people affected by injury, illness, disability or disease. The team offers a range of allied health expertise across Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing Ergonomics and Social Work, working predominantly with those impacted by workplace injuries.

Leading Health Solutions

ACT Finalist

Leading Health Solutions is a Canberra owned and operated NDIS, aged care and private practice Occupational Therapy company. Founded by Director Andrew Mifsud, it has a passion for innovation and a desire to redefine possibilities for Australians with disabilities and the elderly.

New South Wales

The TARA Clinic

NSW Finalist

Founded by psychologist Tara Hurster, The TARA clinic supports and helps individuals regain control over substance use and addiction while leaving the guilt and shame behind. 

The TARA Clinic offers accessible online programs to help individuals take action, build resilience and find purpose in life.


NSW Finalist

Healthproof is a mobile allied health service helping transform lives through in home physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and podiatry. 

Healthproof was born from a vision to bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility, particularly for vulnerable populations in the community, such as the elderly and individuals living with disabilities.

Little Ripples Wine

NSW Finalist

Founded by Dustin Leonard, Little Ripples Wine is a socially responsible wine brand making a positive impact. 

For every bottle sold, Little Ripples Wine provides a year of clean water to one person in a developing community with projects in Uganda, India and Malawi.

Mercy Connect

NSW Finalist

Mercy Connect is a not for profit Catholic organisation delivering a range of innovative services and programs. 

It aims to support adults, children, and older people with a disability to live independently and get actively involved in their community. 

Navigator Group

NSW Finalist

Navigator Group is a healthcare provider with evidence based, patient centred recovery plans that have helped thousands of patients optimise their recovery. 

It leverages technology and data to personalise healthcare, improve outcomes for patients and reduce costs for organisations. 

Highlands Drive Safe

NSW Finalist

Highlands Drivesafe is a driving school helping people fulfill their goals and dreams of being mobile no matter what challenges and barriers they come up against. 

Its team of trainers are passionate about education and delivery in road safety and community support. 

Northern Territory

Kings Narrative

NT Finalist

Kings Narrative is an Aboriginal-owned and operated social enterprise that delivers culturally appropriate counselling and coaching.
It runs a range of cultural immersion programs including bush medicine workshops, leadership programs, a mobile barber shop and men's wellbeing camps all aimed at healing and rebuilding.


Bloom Healthcare

QLD Finalist

Bloom Healthcare is a registered NDIS provider committed to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities through high-quality in-home therapy and healthcare services. 

Guided by values that emphasise the utmost importance of people, genuine care and evidence-driven results, Bloom Healthcare adopts a comprehensive and empathetic approach. 

Entire Podiatry

QLD Finalist

Entire Podiatry is a family-owned clinic specialising in foot, ankle and lower leg health. 

Passionate about data-driven health care, Entire Podiatry ensures world-first technologies are accessible to everyone, from children to seniors, people with disabilities, professional athletes and more. 

Christina Stephens

QLD Finalist

Christina Stephens is an adaptive fashion brand catering to those with disability, dexterity and mobility impairment. 

The label designs fashion-forward clothing with built-in functionality that allows prosthesis wearers, quadriplegics, paraplegics and people who are part-time or permanently in a seated position wear what they want, not just what they're given.

Kids Matters Occupational Therapy

QLD Finalist

Kids Matters Occupational Therapy is an occupational therapy clinic for children, helping kids and families meet their development needs. 

The clinic also offers rural and telehealth services, seminars and webinars for parent and community education and individual training courses to help patients and their families achieve their goals.


QLD Finalist

ConnectedLE is an online mental health training platform that blends the power of storytelling and science to develop mental fitness. 

The team helps individuals in frontline service roles help their communities and workplaces better their mental health, shifting Australia's focus from illness to proactive mental wellbeing. 


FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics

QLD Finalist

FNQ Podiatry & Orthotics provides quality podiatric care to the people of Far North Queensland. 

The team of podiatrists pride themselves on delivering quality treatment to every patient, allowing them to life a life free of foot and lower limb pain. 

South Australia

Treasure Boxes

SA Finalist

Treasure Boxes is a not-for-profit children’s charity providing essential items to families caring for disadvantaged newborns and children. 

The team supports over 170 government and non-government organisations with the provision of 'Treasure Boxes', including nursery equipment, toys and books, bedding and nappies to care for at-risk children and vulnerable families. 

Rub Massage

SA Finalist

Rub Massage is a remedial massage company delivering hands-on treatments from qualified therapists, helping to reduce pain and increase mobility for its clients. 

The team of therapists provide an extensive assessment before tailoring a treatment plan specifically designed for each patient.

VIVA Mutual

SA Finalist

VIVA Mutual is an Adelaide based NDIS provider who believes the workforce is key in delivering high quality health and disability support. 

Its services are organised around self-managed teams comprising of nurses and support workers who are trained to deliver the best outcomes, supporting its clients to achieve the lives they want.

Chat Well Allied Health

SA Finalist

Chat Well Allied Health is a paediatric allied health clinic dedicated to providing high-quality services that empower children and their families. 

The warm and welcoming team embodies a neurodiversity-affirming approach within their practice to support children with a range of diagnoses including autism, intellectual disability, developmental delay and more.

Pod Fit Podiatry

SA Finalist

Pod Fit Podiatry uses a modern and innovative healthcare approach to treating toe, foot and ankle pain. 

The team provides foot care with a key point of difference, using a modern approach with the latest technology to allow for the very best solutions in pain relief.

Communication eXtra

SA Finalist

Communication eXtra is a registered NDIS provider dedicated to providing unwavering support to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. 

The team is committed to recognising everyone’s unique challenges and strengths, aiming to foster an inclusive and supportive environment where participants are heard, valued, and supported.



TAS Finalist

Earworx is a dedicated ear cleaning clinic with locations across Australia. Earworx specialises in removing impacted ear wax using dry and effective microsuction technology under direct observation, helping to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of excess ear wax. 


Textured Concept Foods

VIC Finalist

Founded by Dietitian Dr Lisa Sossen and Chef Darren Benfell, Textured Concept Foods aims to help revolutionise mealtimes for people with dysphagia. 

Its extensive range of nutritious meals are delivered across Australian aged care facilities, hospitals and homes, supporting those who require texture modified food products.


VIC Finalist

Dossy is an accessible, inclusive video app designed to help seniors stay connected with their loved ones.

The business has a vibrant community of virtual volunteers and carers to help combat social isolation and loneliness while living in aged care facilities or at home.

Atticus Health

VIC Finalist

Atticus Health is a social enterprise set up by doctors who are passionate about helping every patient maximise their experience of life. 

The team at Atticus Health clinics have a zest for building relationships and supporting patients across health promotion, education, and disease prevention. 

Mums Matter Psychology

VIC Finalist

Founded by Clinical Psychologist and Director Frances Bilbao, Mums Matter Psychology is a leading perinatal psychology practice that provides specialised, affordable, and accessible psychological therapy to help support women's mental health during the transition to parenthood.


VIC Finalist

Orthokids is a children's orthotic specialist and provider of personalised assistive devices for children.  

The team blends clinical expertise with custom manufacturing capabilities to create personalised devices to assist children in standing, walking, running and more. 

Better Health Company

VIC Finalist

Founded in 2007 by Madeline Freeman, Better Health Company design, develop and deliver evidence-based health programs, education, and training courses to better the health and happiness of families, workplaces, and communities.

Western Australia

Helping Solutions

WA Finalist

Helping Solutions is a NDIS service provider that caters to individuals who need health care and personal care in the comforts of their home, nursing home, or specialist disability accommodation. 

It aims to create an environment that improves and promotes the wellbeing of people with disabilities.

Building Friendships

WA Finalist

Building Friendships delivers social and community support for people living with a disability, with a focus on social and community interaction, as well as building independence. 

Building Friendships’ approach ensures inclusion within the community, development of life skills, social skill development, whilst maintaining a fun and creative environment.

Earbus Foundation of Western Australia

WA Finalist

Established in 2013, Earbus Foundation of Western Australia was formed to reduce the incidence and impact of Otitis media or middle ear disease on Aboriginal and at-risk children.

In total, more than 12,500 children received ear health services from the Foundation in 2022, making it one of the leading providers in Australia in terms of reach and client throughput.


WA Finalist

K2Dance is a thriving dance studio delivering professional, innovative, and dynamic dance tuition for toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults. 

K2Dance takes pride in catering for students with a disability, gender diversity, culture and race diversity, as well as foster children and students from varying socio-economic backgrounds.

My Implant Dentist

WA Finalist

My Implant Dentist is an implant and cosmetic focused dental practice that believes quality dental implants should be accessible to all. 

My Implant Dentist takes pride in delivering outstanding outcomes for its patients and is passionate about creating functional and natural looking smiles.

Fitness Next

WA Finalist

Fitness Next is dedicated to empowering individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities through exercise. 

Its all-ability personal trainers offer personalised training services tailored to the unique needs and abilities of each client, ensuring a safe and effective fitness journey.

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