Holdaccess (WUNA)

Holdaccess (WUNA)

Founded by Jason Davis, Holdaccess (WUNA) merges modern technology with an ancient First Nations technology to deliver diverse identification documentation through Diji Wallet, providing access to crucial services.
2023 Telstra Best of Business Awards Northern Territory Building Communities & Embracing Innovation Winner

Fostering inclusion through information access

If information is power, how do First Nations people hold on to it? Holdaccess (WUNA) seeks to answer this question.

The vast majority of unemployed Indigenous Australians do not have basic access to emails, electronic documents and identity documentation. All these things are needed to access healthcare, employment, government services, education, banking and other essential services.

Holdaccess (WUNA), founded by Jason Davis, wants to change this. With a belief that self-determination is a fundamental human right, the team has taken an ancient First Nations technology — the message stick, also known as the WUNA — and merged it with modern technology.

The result is a solution that delivers diverse identification documentation on the most inclusive platform on the planet, Diji Wallet. It's designed to provide more agency for First Nations and under-documented people by providing easy, on-the-go access to cultural identification and verified information.

Operating as a decentralised software platform, Holdaccess (WUNA)'s Diji Wallet is helping close the gap through digital self-determination.

Diji Wallet offers a pathway for First Nations Australians who have been excluded from the digital economy. The business supports underrepresented communities so they can participate in the workforce and access crucial services. It has also streamlined recruitment, onboarding and compliance processes which help build inclusive workforces.

With a five-year vision to provide over 60 percent of underrepresented people with access to Holdaccess (WUNA)'s solutions, the business was a clear choice in two separate categories: Building Communities and Embracing Innovation.

The Awards provided Holdaccess (WUNA) with a moment to celebrate our company's resilience, selected as the sole company to represent the Northern Territory across two key categories in such an amazing national event.

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