Internet basics

Introduction to the internet

Learn how to find the information you want on the internet using the browser on your computer or smart device. You’ll also learn what we mean by cookies and how to bookmark your favourite webpages to come back to later.

Learning the basics

The internet is a wonderful source of information and when used safely it can help make your life easier. It can show you how to connect with your family and friends, help you pay your bills, go shopping, compare prices, keep up with the latest news and search for your favourite recipes and other things that matter to you.

Be Connected, a trusted Australian Government initiative offers a series of training courses that aim to empower all Australians to thrive in the digital world.

Working with Be connected, we’ve selected four of these short training courses to help you find your way around the internet. There’s even a practice activity you can do on your own computer, smart phone or tablet, to help build your skills using a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen.

Training courses by Be Connected

Using the internet

You’ll learn what you can use the internet for, and how to look up information about the things you’re interested in.

Understanding web browsers

Learn about web browsers and how they work. You’ll also learn about cookies and how to bookmark your favourite webpages.

Practice activities for a computer

These activities will help you build your skills in using a computer mouse and keyboard. You can watch, read or try each activity.

Practice activities for a smart device

If you use a smartphone or tablet to access the internet, this course will help you build your touchscreen skills like tapping, swiping and scrolling.