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Help fight security breaches as a Cyber Warden

We're proud to support Cyber Wardens, a program from the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA) that aims to educate small businesses on how to protect their workplace from online threats.

What is Cyber Wardens?

The Cyber Wardens program is an educational tool that upskills your team on what you need to know to help protect your business against digital threats. Brought to you by COSBOA and supported by Telstra and CommBank, Cyber Wardens aims to help prevent cybercrime, by building a cyber-smart small business workforce.

Why become a Cyber Warden?

Just as safety officers guard workplaces against physical hazards, a Cyber Warden defends businesses against digital threats.

Help protect your business

Help secure your business by learning to identify cyber threats, report security breaches, and partner with tech suppliers.

Empower your team

Run cyber drills to help upskill your team with knowledge on cyber security measures that will help protect your business.

Support your colleagues

Be the person your team can turn to with cyber security concerns and help promote easy preventative actions as a cyber safety role model.

Sign up for Cyber Wardens

Sign up for the Cyber Wardens program to learn how you can help protect your business from digital threats. As Cyber Wardens your team can help prevent, prepare, fight and recover from cyber attacks.

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Frequently asked questions

A Cyber Warden helps defend your business against digital threats such as theft of customer data or intellectual property. Just as first aid officers or fire safety wardens protect against physical hazards, Cyber Wardens help protect your workplace from cyber-attacks.

Anyone in your team can become a Cyber Warden. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or work in IT to complete the program.

Become a Cyber Warden through completing the Cyber Wardens program. You can register your business and employees to learn through a free and easy to use eLearning platform.

Sign up for Cyber Wardens

95% of cyber attacks target people who work in your business. The Cyber Wardens program gives your team the mindset, skillset, and toolkit to help prevent and respond to cyber breaches.

The Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) provides a voice for small business by representing their best interests so they're not overlooked amongst larger businesses. COSBOA is now Australia’s peak body exclusively representing the interests of small businesses.

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