Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro: meet our best 5G mobile broadband device yet

You’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here. The Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro with mmWave support is launching today, and it has the need for 5G speed like never before.
Luke Hopewell · 26 May 2020 · 2 minute read

Available from today, the Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro really is the most advanced mobile broadband modem we’ve ever carried.

First and foremost, it supports our incredible 5G technology*, as well as our advanced 4GX service for incredible speed in a variety of locations. Our 5G rollout has been going from strength-to-strength, and we’re now ahead of schedule with selected areas of 47 cities and regional towns now able to enjoy Australia’s best 5G network.

The Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro also has the power to access our newly-announced mmWave testing sites for a taste of the next wave of 5G speed in your pocket (or laptop bag) today.

mmWave – pronounced “millimetre wave” – is a short-range, high-frequency network technology that will supercharge 5G. mmWave’s large bandwidths allow greater capacity in small defined areas, making it ideal for high-speed wireless communications, particularly in high-density areas such as metro cities, train stations, sport stadiums , and other locations with a high concentration of people using their mobile devices. For more on its mmWave 5G capabilities, we’ve put together a detailed explainer.

mmWave spectrum won’t be auctioned off until 2021, but we’re able to give our customers early access to this new technology even sooner. Anyone who owns the new Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro will be able to benefit from this technology on our three live testing sites before anyone else.

Along with mmWave compatibility, the Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro packs a powerful processor and the support for Wi-Fi 6. This means that the 5G Wi-Fi Pro can support up to 30 Wi-Fi enabled devices (15 each on 2.4 & 5 GHz). Or if you want to supercharge your connectivity, a wired connection supports Gigabit speeds for pro by name, pro by nature performance. 

At just over a super-light 200 grams and with a 4500mAh battery that lasts up to 9 hours, it’s ready to grab-and-go right out of the box. And tracking your usage is easy with a 2.4-inch touchscreen that shows you how you’re travelling throughout the month.

The Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro is available from today for $599 outright, or $24.95 per month over 24 months. Telstra Plus members who order online are also in for a treat, with up to 100,000 points available as a bonus.

*Where available. Check our Mobile Coverage Maps for more information.


By Luke Hopewell

Editor, tech expert and Senior Specialist Writer at Telstra Exchange

Luke Hopewell is an editor, tech expert and Senior Specialist Writer at Telstra Exchange. Luke joined Telstra in 2019 where he has had the privilege to help bring stories to life in a unique and human way. He was previously the head of editorial at Twitter Australia and the editor of cult tech site Gizmodo. For over a decade, Luke’s passion for technology has always driven him to seek out the latest gadgets and game-changers, and help others to understand how it all works. In another life he was a cyber security specialist where he sought to educate people about how to stay safe online. When he's not writing, he's getting outdoors and patting all the nice dogs he meets.

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