Switching on SMS over Wi-Fi on our mobile network

We’ve enabled a feature on our network to help you more easily receive SMS messages wherever you are.
Luke Hopewell · 06 May 2020 · 1 minute read

SMS over Wi-Fi means that when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network that can access the internet, you’ll still be able to receive SMS messages even if your phone is not in an area where it can connect to our mobile network. We’ve supported Wi-Fi calling on many devices for several years, so you might already be familiar with using Wi-Fi to access your mobile services.

Updates to enable SMS over Wi-Fi on some mobile handsets have gone live overnight and will roll out progressively over the next week. Some of our customers will already see the functionality available on their devices. You can find an up-to-date list of supported devices at our SMS over Wi-Fi page.

To make sure you receive these updates as soon as they’re available for your device, you should make sure your phone is set up to receive automatic updates. If you need a hand, you can find out how to enable automatic updates from Apple and from Samsung.

How to turn on SMS over Wi-Fi with Telstra


By Nikos Katinakis

Group Executive, Networks & IT

Relocating from Toronto, Nikos Katinakis joined Telstra on 15 October 2018 as Group Executive Networks & IT. In this critical role Nikos is responsible for ensuring Telstra delivers next generation network technologies to create the largest, smartest, safest and most reliable networks in the world. This includes rolling out new technology developments, such as those related to 5G, as well as maintaining and enhancing Telstra’s IT platforms. Nikos was previously Executive Vice President Networks for Reliance Jio in India where he was responsible for rolling out the first pan-India 4G LTE Network, with a focus on data management, and enhancing and stabilising the various operating platforms. In his second Jio assignment, Nikos led their wireline/fixed consumer business with the objective to launch full commercial services across major cities in India, while fully automating and simplifying workflows and the customer experience. Prior to this, Nikos was SVP of Architecture and Technology Development for Network and IT at Canada’s Rogers Communications, as well as Chief Information Security Officer, where he was responsible for the technology strategy, selection, and roadmap that guided Rogers’ deployment of next generation capabilities across all access networks and services.

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