More for me: a big ‘thank-you’ for our customers

You want the best, at the best price. It’s time we help you with that! We’re introducing a new feature “More for me” along with a suite of bonus offers you can claim right now via the My Telstra app. Here’s how.
Marty McGrath · 11 April 2024 · 4 minute read

Introducing ‘More for me’: a new destination to access deals, rewards and the very best value

We’ve updated our My Telstra app with a new feature called More for me. It’s a great place to access the best of Telstra via a series of personalised offers, based on your history with us.

Where to find the More for me offers in the My Telstra app

If you're ready to get to the good stuff, check out how to access your offers:

A GIF demonstrating how to access the More For Me offers in the My Telstra app. To access your personalised offers, open the My Telstra app, navigate to the Home tab and scroll down to the More For Me section. If this does not appear, please update your My Telstra app and try again. Please note that your offers will be based on your account and may not match the offers in this illustration.

Please note: Your offers will be based on your account and may not match the offers in the illustration above.


Why More for me?

When we ask our customers what they want most from us, the reliability of our services is closely followed by more bang for buck.

We also know some of our customers could be saving money by bringing their other telco services under our umbrella, or activating existing offers we have.

That’s what More for me is about – your Telstra account helps us tailor offers and suggest discounts based on how you connect and what your needs are.

More for me is sticking around, too. It’s part of a suite of changes, some underway for years, to simplify our products and services so we can discard our legacy systems and embrace a fully digital future.

To celebrate this big change that More for me is part of, we’ve pulled together some of the best deals we’ve ever had.

You might score big savings on a new phone, a discount on a monthly plan, or even a chance to win a share of 100 million Telstra Plus points.

Offers in More for me will be available from 9 April, 2024. To qualify for the More for me offers, you have to have been a customer with us since 1 April 2024.

How to score your personalised deals

All you need to do is open your My Telstra app on your phone. Scroll up to see our video for a visual guide.

If you don’t already have the My Telstra app, you can get it here.

Once you’re logged in, look for More for me section to see what your personalised deals are. It’s front-and-centre in the Home tab so you can’t miss it.

If you can’t find your offers, try updating the My Telstra app through your app store. For further information, head to

If you’ve made it this far – thank you again for staying with us and for being a Telstra customer! We really do appreciate you being with us, and we’ll keep doing what we can to bring you additional value.

By Marty McGrath

Consumer Segment Executive - Telstra

Marty is an experienced senior executive who has worked in the telecommunications and finance industry for over 15 years.

Marty is currently leading Telstra’s consumer segment with accountability for all products, marketing and promotional activity.

Prior to this role, Marty led Telstra’s digital transformation program, accountable for the simplification of all retail products, delivering end to end digital experiences for customers and agents and the deployment of a new technology ecosystem for our retail business.