Google’s new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are coming to Telstra

Google’s latest mobile devices have arrived. Introducing the Google Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 – all packed with the best of Google.
Harry Tucker · 05 October 2023 · 5 minute read

The Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 are finally here, and alongside Google’s latest smartwatch the Pixel Watch 2, will all be available from Telstra to pre-order on 5 October from 9AM AEDT.

Announced overnight, the Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 are packed with Google smarts to make them a whole new level of helpful.

Engineered by Google, they're both fast and secure with the most advanced Pixel cameras yet. They’re built with AI at the centre and powered by a new Tensor G3 chip to enable amazing features for photos and video, such as Best Take and Audio Magic Eraser which removes unwanted noises from your videos. And they wouldn’t be Google phones without using all that AI tech to make Pixel extra helpful, so you can do more throughout the day, faster.

Being part of the Pixel series, both devices will also just keep getting better with Google’s Feature Drops, on top of 7 years of security and operating system updates. Feature Drops and OS updates include new features for the camera, battery, calls and more, powered by personal AI from Google.

For both Pixel 8 series devices, there’s also a built-in VPN by Google One to help protect your online browsing. They also now include an unknown tracker alert feature to let you know if an unfamiliar Bluetooth device has been detected moving alongside you.

Let’s dive into each device.


Google Pixel 8 Pro

Starting at $1,699 with 128GB of storage, the Pixel 8 Pro packs the best of Google into one device to make its most ‘pro’ phone yet.

Its display is an immersive 6.7-inches in size, with the best screen tech Google has to offer and a refresh rate up to 120Hz for smooth scrolling and switching between apps. It’s even better at resisting scratches than any other Pixel phone before it with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 glass.

As the name “Pixel” might suggest, the camera system inside the new Pixel 8 Pro is a powerhouse. It packs pro-level cameras which Google says enables even better low-light photos, sharper selfies and Pixel’s best zoom ever at up to 30x Super Res Zoom with the new 5x optical zoom 48-megapixel telephoto camera.

Alongside the telephoto lens, there’s also a new 48-megapixel ultrawide camera, a second 12-megapixel ultrawide camera and a 50-megapixel main camera. On the front you’ll find a 10.5-megapixel selfie camera with autofocus designed for great pictures in low-light. That’s five different camera options to make sure you’re always covered for the perfect shot.

For the first time on a Pixel, the Pixel 8 Pro also has advanced pro controls built into the native camera app – enabling you to change settings like shutter speed, ISO and more at full resolution.

Coming exclusively to the Pixel 8 Pro, there are also a couple of new AI powered video features to take your cinematography to the next level.

Available in an upcoming Feature Drop, Video Boost will automatically adjust your colour, lighting, stabilisation and graininess as you film so you don’t need to worry about shaky or imperfect video. This will join a new Night Sight for video feature, which uses AI to boost quality at night or in low light for richer detail and colour – just like it does to photos.

To help get that gorgeous content out into the world, the Pixel 8 Pro also supports blistering fast mmWave 5G on Australia’s best mobile network, giving you access to the best upload and download speeds that 5G has to offer.

And one more out of the box, but hugely useful feature packed into the Pixel 8 Pro is a thermometer – allowing you to check the temperature of an object or area by simply scanning it with your phone.

Google Pixel 8

Starting at $1,199 with 128GB of storage, the Pixel 8 is all about tapping into the different ways Google’s AI and apps can help make your life easier.

On the outside, it features a 6.2-inch Actuadisplay which delivers sharp colours and vivid detailand also has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz for smoother gaming, scrolling and switching between apps. Pixel 8 is also made from at least 18% recycled materials.

The Pixel 8 camera system has been fully upgraded with a 50-megapixel main camera plus a 12-megapixel ultra-wide, which combined with advanced image processing, Google says can reveal vivid colours and striking details in any light. And now with Macro Focus with the upgraded ultra-wide, the smallest subjects can become spectacular images.



Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro bonus Pixel Watch 2 pre-order details

For customers who pre-order a Google Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro with Telstra between 9AM AEDT 5 October and 11:59PM AEDT 11 October 2023, they’ll receive Google’s brand new Pixel Watch 2 LTE as a bonus on us, valued at $649 RRP.

Also announced today with the Pixel 8 series, Google’s new Pixel Watch 2 LTE brings big updates to last year’s original Pixel Watch – with help brought to you from Google, and health powered by Fitbit.

It helps you understand your health and fitness with Fitbit's most advanced heart rate tracking and you get the best of Google at a glance, including Gmail and Calendar, and get more peace of mind from personal safety features. Plus, battery improvements mean you get 24 hours of battery life with always-on display so you can wear it all day and all night.

Offer available to customers who pre-order a participating device (Google Pixel 8 or Google Pixel 8 Pro) on a DPC or outright with a Telstra account. Customers must redeem their Google Pixel Watch 2 GWP between 9.00am AEDT 5 October – 11:59PM AEDT 22 November 2023 by providing proof of purchase and the device’s IMEI number. Limit 1 GWP per device sold, total limit up to 5 claims per customer. The Google GWP is not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash.