We all use technology and love our gadgets, but don’t always have the time or knowledge to get them working the way we'd like.

With Telstra Platinum our tech experts help with devices and the internet including computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets and smart TVs.

So, for a small monthly fee, you’ll always have the support you need to get the best set-up and fix any problems.



Telstra Platinum is more than just technical support.

We’re here to provide coaching, help and advice at home, in-store, on the phone or online.

Watch the video and see how we can help you.



More than just tech support

  • Help fixing issues like computer viruses
  • Coaching to better use your gadgets
  • Support with home network set up
  • We're experts in a variety of gadgets



Wherever you need help

  • Support at your local Telstra store
  • Online access to our tech experts
  • Over the phone support
  • Optional in home visits available



Whenever you need help

  • Experts whenever you need them
  • 24x7 online and phone support
  • Help whenever our stores are open
  • Your tech isn't always working. We are.


What is covered

  • Windows & Mac support (Desktops and Laptops)
  • Peripherals, such as printers and scanners
  • Smartphones, such as Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry
  • Tablets, such as the iPad & Samsung Galaxy tablet
  • Gaming consoles, such as Nintendo Wii, XBox and PlayStation


  • Smart TVs & Digital Video Recorders (PVRs)
  • Data backup devices, such as external hard disks & solid state drives
  • Network equipment, such as routers and modems
  • Telstra gadgets, such as the T-Box


telstra platinum tablet

  • Microsoft Office (2003 and above)
  • Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox
  • Social media sites, such as Facebook & Twitter
  • Email, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mac Mail, Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo! Mail

  • Virus and malware protection, such as Norton, McAfee and other common programs
  • Windows (XP and above), Apple Mac OS X (V10.4 and above), Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry Operating Systems
  • Telstra applications, such as BigPond Security, MOG & Telstra 24x7


  • Securely setting up your home network and connecting your gadgets (such as PCs, Smartphones, gaming devices and Smart TVs) to the internet
  • Fixing issues, such as problems with your email, network, computer or common software
  • Personalised coaching & advice to help you get the most out of your gadgets and software, and choose the right technology for you
  • Configuring your modem to connect to the internet
  • Support to remove computer viruses
  • Helping you to back-up your important files, such as copying photographs to an external hard drive
  • Upgrade or reinstall your Operating System (in-home only)
  • Set up of your Telstra gadgets, such as T-Box and T-Hub
  • Installing and upgrading common software applications on computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Support to connect Bluetooth gadgets, such as connecting a smartphone to a Bluetooth headset or hands free kit
  • Standard Telstra technical support for your home phone, mobile, fixed and wireless broadband service

telstra platinum modem

Hours of operation for Telstra Platinum in store.

  • Standard trading hours (see here for more details).

Hours of operation for Telstra Platinum remote (phone, online) services.

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Hours of operation for Telstra Platinum in home services:

  • Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
  • Closed National Public Holidays
  • Afterhours and weekend appointments may be available.
  • Telstra Platinum Service Subscription Pro includes one (single) in home service. Additional in home services are available via pay-on-demand.

telstra platinum shop

Your Telstra Platinum subscription provides you with access to our technology experts whenever you need it; over the phone, online or instore, including 24x7 support and in-home options.

Telstra Platinum - Service Subscription

  • Access our experts whenever you need them 24x7 over the phone & online or in store (Tech Bar) during trading hours.
  • Personalised coaching, such as help on how to use webcams, printers, email and the internet
  • Advice to help you get the most out of your gadgets
  • We diagnose and solve technology problems, such as computer viruses
  • We support a wide range of internet connectable gadgets, such as computers, smart TV’s, smartphones and tablets
  • We support common software such as iTunes, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Facebook and MS Office
  • Support for home network setup (including Wi-Fi) and optimisation

Telstra Platnium Subscription


a month for 24 months. 
Minimum cost is $360.

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Only available to Telstra customers


Telstra Platinum - Service Subscription PRO

Keen to get the most from your technology and the internet? Why not opt for a home visit?

  • All the benefits included in the Telstra Platinum Service Subscription
  • Includes one (single) in home pay-on-demand service of your choice

Subscription pro imge


a month for 24 months. 
Minimum cost is $480.

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Only available to Telstra customers

We have a range of once off pay-on-demand services to help you in the home, over the phone or in store (Tech Bar).

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Things you need to know

Telstra Platinum services for personal computers are only available for Windows and Mac OS. You are responsible for all data charges associated with this service. Unless otherwise stated, the cost of any software/hardware is not included in the price of the Telstra Platinum service. 

Fair use policy applies. For further details on our inclusions and exclusions for each service offering, please see our terms and conditions:

If you change or cancel an in-home service, you need to give us 24 hours notice or pay a cancellation fee of $99. If you change or cancel a remote service, you need to give us 24 hours notice or pay a cancellation fee of $49.

Not available in all areas.