Our top tips for using technology to boost your wellbeing

There are tons of ways to get the most out of your devices that don't require you to be glued to your screen. Let's explore some tips for using the latest gadgets to enhance your mental and physical wellness.
· 04 March 2024 · 4 minute read

We're reliant on our devices these days - they've become an essential part of our lives. But the constant exposure to screens can harm our mental and physical health. It'd be unrealistic to suggest you go completely off grid, but there are ways you can dial down your reliance on tech to focus on what's really important. So, if you can't stop doomscrolling, endless online shopping, or mindless browsing, then flip the script with our top tips for using tech to boost your overall wellbeing.

Tune in, drop out

Whether you're singing along to your favourite tune, listening to a cult podcast, or a new release audiobook, headphones offer a great way to block out the noise and distractions around you. Never has this been more important than now, with the current demand to work remotely.

If it's relaxation you need, you could always try downloading a meditation app and transport yourself to a different headspace entirely. If it's gaming you're into, headphones will provide the ultimate immersive audio experience and will make communicating with teammates a breeze.

So, grab some headphones and create your own little world, no matter where you are.

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Keep your fitness on track

Using a smart watch to create a healthy lifestyle can be a game-changer for achieving your wellness goals. With advanced features and functionalities, owning a smart watch is like having your own personal trainer at the ready.

Smart watches these days can do amazing things like track your steps and calories burned, to monitoring your heart rate and sleep patterns. They'll also help when you're not exercising too, by reminding you to move, stay hydrated, and take breaks from sedentary activities like lying on the couch.

Additionally, smart watches often provide guided workouts and personalised coaching, making it easier to stay motivated and push yourself to new limits. And with the ability to sync with your smartphone, you can easily track your progress, set goals, and even compete with friends.

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Unlock a smarter home

With the ability to control various aspects of your home remotely or through voice commands, a smart home can remove much of the hassle from your day.

Imagine adjusting your thermostat or turning the lights on or off with a few taps on your smartphone. Or the potential cost savings with using a smart home device that allows you to monitor and optimise energy usage throughout your home.

And why not invest in your peace of mind with a smart home security system, which can offer real-time home monitoring, remote access, and alerts for potential threats or emergencies.

You can even get smart with your fur-kiddies too and introduce them to an interactive smart toy that will keep them entertained for hours. Or get your groove on with the latest speakers that play your favourite tracks with a simple voice command.

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