Helping young people with safer internet use

For Safer Internet Day, we take a look at some of the great initiatives from our Telstra Foundation partners, who are delivering programs, that help to create a safer experience for young people using the internet.
Jackie Coates · 06 February 2024 · 4 minute read

Safer Internet Day (6 February 2024) is a global initiative to raise awareness of online safety issues and promote positive use of digital technology. Telstra Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Telstra, is a proud advocate of this important campaign that is led by the eSafety Commissioner in Australia.  

We want all children and young people to thrive in the digital world.  As part of this mission, we’re partnering with evidenced-based non-profit organisations that provide services and resources that create a safer digital experience for children and young people.

Safety initiatives for young people

Telstra and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation have partnered to create Digitalk, an online safety hub that provides parents and carers with expert advice and practical strategies for keeping children and teenagers safe online. DigiTalk covers topics such as healthy tech use and screen time, gaming, social media, online bullying, digital ethics, and more. It also offers conversation cards that can help families start open and honest chats about technology and online safety.

We partner with PROJECT ROCKIT, an incredible social enterprise with a mission to give young people the skills, empathy, and confidence to build kind and inclusive communities at school, online, and beyond. Telstra Plus members can also donate their points to help support the important work PROJECT ROCKIT does.

We support the Gradient Institute who work to build safety, ethics, accountability, and transparency into artificial intelligence (AI) systems. They conduct research, deliver training, and develop guidelines to ensure that AI benefits Australians with a particular emphasis on protecting those who may be treated unfairly by automated systems. 

We also support the Alannah and Madeline Foundation to deliver Playing IT Safe, a program of activities that early years educators and parents can use to start serious conversations in a fun way with pre-school aged children. Along with the country’s first platform to teach Year 7-10 students critical thinking skills around how they consume and create digital media. The eSmart Media Literacy Lab has fun quizzes on fact, opinion and media agendas for Year 7-8 students, and more serious lessons on the personal and ethical implications of misinformation for Years 9-10.

By supporting these programs, Telstra Foundation helps young people to not only use technology safely and responsibly, but also, harness its positive potential.

Protecting yourself and your family

Protecting yourself and your personal data and being able to identify whether websites are credible is crucial to staying safe online. For more information and guides from Telstra head to Cyber Security on

To learn more about Safer Internet Day and how to get involved, visit the eSafety Commissioner website. You can also read more about how to protect yourself and your family at the government’s Be Connected website.

About Telstra Foundation

Through the Telstra Foundation, we invest in social innovation enabled by technology. We’re focussed on youth wellbeing and building digital capacity in young people and the non-profit organisations that support them.