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Protect your data against threats

With a fully-managed, comprehensive security solution optimised for medium-sized businesses.

High-quality protection that's seamless and flexible

With increasing cyber threats, protection of your business data, networks and applications is vital. You want the most up to date security capabilities for the best value.

Managed Next Generation Firewall is a managed security solution bundle featuring an onsite Next Generation Firewall as the central component. Targeted for medium-sized businesses, it is pre-packaged with options to make ordering easier, and includes a range of products from leading vendors, VPN licenses and service features for an optimum mix.
It's managed by Telstra’s skilled team of security experts to provide 24x7 monitoring and onsite vendor support, all for a fixed monthly fee. You’ll have a selection of vendor and device model options, you can choose from a single or a pair of firewall devices for high availability, and from a variety of managed service levels, plus other security protection options to suit your business.

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Features include:

  • Firewall: Controls access to and from the customer network by allowing only traffic from authorised sources and destinations.
  • Intrusion prevention system: Detects and blocks attack traffic that’s penetrated the firewall.
  • Deep packet inspection technology: Enables more sophisticated threat management and security capability.
  • Application security: Controls how applications are used.
  • Mobile device connectivity: For secure connectivity to mobile devices, where supported by the selected model.
  • Content security: Optional web and email security, user management and data loss prevention (appliance or cloud-based options).


Benefits at a glance:

  • Peace of mind: We offer 24/7 monitoring and help desk, onsite vendor support for service restoration and Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) to analyse events and prevent future threats.
  • Security capability: Provides an extensive range of security features and services, extending and enhancing the threat management capabilities available from the Next Generation Firewall appliance.
  • Fully-managed solution: A comprehensively packaged and fully-managed solution with clearly defined features, capabilities, services and support.
  • Simplicity: We have packaged and bundled a range of products, licenses and service features to simplify ordering.
  • Value: Competitively priced with a fixed monthly fee and no upfront charges for a standard implementation.
  • Expertise: Managed and maintained by our extensive team of security experts, one of the largest qualified security teams in Australia.
  • Security infrastructure: Leverages our substantial investment in security technology, including the Telstra platform for rapid, automated security incident event alerts and management.
  • Free up capital and IT staff: Replace the high cost of internal management and equipment with a simple, managed solution.