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Powerful email security:
you control, we protect

Keep your company's emails safe from viruses, spam and phishing.

Peace of mind for your email

This managed cloud content security solution allows emails to be delivered securely to the right people. Internet Protection Mail not only helps secure inbound and outbound email, it can identify unacceptable content, understand risk and enforce corporate policies. It also provides continuity should outages occur, to reduce the loss of vital information.

Data is stored in Australia and customers have complete visibility of all email activity through a sophisticated, easy-to-use management portal.

Internet Protection Mail:

  • Helps protect your organisation against viruses and spam
  • Offers user and group activity reports to pinpoint dangerous or inappropriate use of corporate email
  • Offers email disaster recovery with a 3-day trace replay
  • Can simplify the process of transitioning from on-premise content security to cloud content security


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Email protection

Delivered as a cloud solution on a 12, 24 or 36-month contract, Internet Protection Mail offers up-to-the-minute security against viruses, spam, phishing and email threats.

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Email Protection



Stronger protection
Internet Protection Mail secures inbound and outbound email at a low monthly charge. 100% email service uptime. 100% protection against known viruses. 99% spam capture rate.


Rapid implementation
As a cloud offering, Internet Protection Mail can be deployed quickly, usually within three to five days.


A customised solution
We tailor your protection to suit your business needs through our advanced Inbound Email Threat management framework. It’s backed by Cisco Ironport technology and FirstWave ESPTM  Adaptive threat management to provide multi-layer threat management and security in the cloud.


Greater control
You’ll have control of all email activity with all data stored in Australia to strict compliance standards. And because it’s cloud based, you’ll have access whether you’re in the office or mobile.


Maintain professionalism
We control all email content with simple business applications. You can manage profanities in emails via Content Control, quickly retrieve files with E-Discovery or manage offensive images.


Services to complement your Internet Protection Mail Solution

We have a solution to fit your needs

Advanced Internet Protection Mail

Available in 12, 24 and 36 month contract terms

Once-off Connection Charge GST exclusive
Per domain name $75.00
Monthly service charge (per mailbox per month) Standard option (GST excl.) 12 month option (GST excl.) 24 month option (GST excl.) 36 month option (GST excl.)
10 or less mailboxes $5.79 $5.50 $5.22 $4.98
Between 11 and 25 mailboxes $5.62 $5.34 $5.07 $4.83
Between 26 and 50 mailboxes $5.44 $5.17 $4.91 $4.68
Between 51 and 100 mailboxes $5.28 $5.01 $4.77 $4.55
Between 101 and 250 mailboxes $5.01 $4.77 $4.53 $4.32
Between 251 and 500 mailboxes $4.41 $4.19 $3.99 $3.80
Between 501 and 1000 mailboxes $3.79 $3.61 $3.42 $3.26
Between 1001 and 2500 mailboxes $3.27 $3.10 $2.94 $2.81
Between 2501 and 5000 mailboxes $2.80 $2.66 $2.53 $2.42
5001 or more mailboxes $2.39 $2.26 $2.16 $2.13


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Additional offers available

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & Risk App 

Minimise the risk of emails containing sensitive data leaving your corporate email system.

Ideal for:

  • Allowing your organsation to identify what content is passing from their organization to the outside world.
  • Taking action, using Firstwave’s combination of reporting, blocking and alerting when a DLP policy is breached. Eg: Identify and block potential PCI breaches, specific files, types of files or types of data as it leaves an organisation and take action before it reaches its intended destination.
  • Customer control of DLP policies and visibility of DLP reports via the TIP Cloud Security Portal.

To find out more about this add-on please contact your account executive.

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Internet Protection Mail



Once you’ve signed up for Internet Protection Mail, you’ll be contacted by Firstwave Cloud Technology, our Internet Protection Mail cloud deployment team. You’ll receive a welcome email with access details to your cloud management portal and information about your onboarding process. Onboarding includes pre-defined policy set-up and an online training session demonstrating how to log in, navigate and edit policies within Internet Protection Mail’s Cloud Security Portal.

Deployment and integration to the Internet Protection Mail solution is your responsibility. Administrative documents to support you in this transition are included.

Professional services as work packages are available at an additional fee should you require a security consultant’s assistance in deployment and integration.