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Protect your reputation from targeted attacks

Get defence against targeted attacks to your network.

Companies that rely on online channels for business need to protect themselves against assaults that can shut down their web assets, preventing access to their users.

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is a deliberate assault on internet-facing infrastructure, which saturates your network with illegitimate traffic.

If users can’t access your site, they get frustrated and go to a competitor site. A server shut down can freeze productivity, damage your brand, erode customer trust and cost your company.

Internal defences such as firewalls are often not adequate to block these threats.

You can defend yourself with Denial of Service Protection (DoSP), which targets these attacks to protect your network and enterprise from the threat of internet shut down.

The service mitigates attacks when they are identified through a cleaning centre, before they can bring down your network.

DoSP monitors your network traffic and filters it to allow only the legitimate traffic to access your site, allowing your customers to reach you.

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Help your organisation to get


Flexible mitigation options

You have the choice of how the attacks are mitigated: Telstra-initiated, customer initiated or automatic.


Fast action protection

Our sensors will measure traffic in your network infrastructure and send statistics to centralised collectors. Our monitoring and detection devices then identify if a pattern has the characteristics of a Distributed Denial of Service attack.


Targeted protection

If an attack is spotted we redirect traffic to a cleaning centre using Border Gateway Protocol, where we filter traffic based on source, destination, protocol applications and baseline information.


Customised solutions

Our Premium package is for those whose reliance on the internet is mission-critical to their business. Our Standard package is suited to companies who use the internet every day but not for vital operations. And our Reactive service is for those companies that use the internet but not on a day-to-day basis.


Greater control

Our customer portal gives you the ability to instigate protection. You can also access data on specific attacks and overall attack activity.

Potential business impact


  • Minimise reputational damage
  • Increase customer confidence
  • monitor your Australian and global offices
  • Cost-effective protection

Ideal for companies with

  • Mission critical reliance on internet
  • Companies that have been targeted by attacks
  • Financial services
  • Online gaming, retail