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What is Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite?

Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite is an end-to-end data networking solution that provides high-speed private network access for remote locations in Australia. It enables a range of voice, video and data applications to connect to your corporate network or the internet, so your employees can collaborate, stay productive and be engaged in remote locations.

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No matter whether your business and workforce operate out of remote locations, you need to be able to communicate with them reliably and effectively.

Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite can be easily scaled to suit small or large teams using bandwidth-hungry applications, to help your business in a number of ways:

  • Provide reliable communications
  • Access to communications and training to improve workforce safety and welfare
  • Provide communications that can help you respond to new opportunities or emergencies

A better way to connect

Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite is a managed, satellite service. It provides high-speed, private network access across Australia on a temporary or permanent basis, delivered with the convenience of one touch point.

flexible options

flexible options

flexible options

How Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite Works

Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite enables a range of voice, video and data applications to connect to your corporate network or the internet.

How Iterra works

Features you need to support remote operations


Wide coverage

  • High-powered shaped and spot beams cover mainland Australia and specified coastal enabling greater data rates and smaller equipment footprints 

Fast, streamlined connectivity

  • Ethernet interface on the remote site satellite modem allows for easy connectivity to your equipment, reduces protocol conversions and improve data speeds
  • Ku frequency bands, spot beams and Time Divisional Multiplexing for uplinks and downlinks

Fast, streamlined connectivity

High security

High security

  • Virtual private networks with physical and logical separation for secure communications
  • Only Telstra-supplied modems are authenticated to access the Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite network

Business resilience

  • Annual average service availability target of 99.7% based on our measurements
  • Option to purchase 24/7 support
  • Specialised data allowance plans which are suited for emergency back-up of terrestrial services and disaster recovery deployment plans

Business resilience

Solution flexibility

Solution flexibility

  • Choose from fixed, transportable or maritime equipment
  • Short or long-term deployments
  • A range of port speeds from 64kbps to 20 Mbps
  • A range of data plans for different network configurations, catering for single or multiple sites, with dedicated or shared bandwidth
  • A choice of Static or Dynamic Class of Service (with six classes of QoS)
  • Optional services like Quality of Service, Multicast and IP Telephony
Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite is ideal for companies with:

Remote workforces needing to connect with business and home

Sites and offices located in harsh conditions

Widespread businesses with large and critical data transfer needs

And suited to these industries:

agriculture and mining

Agriculture & Mining

For when you need reliable, high-speed communication between your headquarters and your remote sites to schedule activities, allocate resources, manage OH&S and make timely decisions around your production processes, to minimise costly delays. You can also support the well-being and safety of your remotely located staff by providing general internet connectivity so they can use their own devices for commutations and entertainment to family and friends.


Encourage innovative education at remote schools by enabling reliable, high-speed communication for the delivery of services which provide students and staff with access to online research and educational content. This service also enables teachers to stay connected to their families and can help you attract and retain quality teachers.




If you’re looking to improve and support the delivery of medical and healthcare services, or attract and retain quality professionals in remote locations, you’ll need a reliable and secure network to connect them with other medical agencies and providers. This will enable them to receive and send large scans over the network and stay connected to their families, friends and colleagues.

Case studies


Mining case study

A customer who has multiple sites in central Australia required a highly reliable robust satellite service that could travel with exploration crews to provide wireless connectivity to the various onsite huts to the corporate network, OH&S requirements and VoIP. The service also had to be easily operated by staff who are not satellite communication specialists.  Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite supplied 29 specialised trailers that contain all required services on board and simply requires the push of a button to deploy the antenna and a mast pushed up for WiFi radio. These trailers have been designed to operate in some of the world’s harshest environments and are fully self-contained.


Agriculture case study

An agricultural customer had a number of homesteads managing cattle spread out over NT and Western Queensland. They had been using basic domestic broadband services supplied by various ISP providers via satellite that were inadequate and didn’t provide easy connectivity in to the corporate network. By moving to a Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite NetPack service, all 19 remote sites share a pool of bandwidth providing higher throughputs and high reliability. The Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite service has allowed homesteads in remote locations to report stock management activities to the corporate office in a far more efficient and timely manner.

Pricing considerations

Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite pricing is flexible to meet your requirements, including:

  • Bandwidth requirements – Variety of data plans to meet budget, usage and throughput requirements.
  • Antenna site location – We will work with you to provide cost effective installation costs.

Pricing breakdown

Once off Recurring
Site hardware Data plan
Freight Value add options
Installation & commissioning  

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Our business is flexible for yours

Flexible contract terms

We offer flexible contract terms from 1 month to multiple years


Hardware and installation can also be amortised over 2-3 years when you buy the hardware and you will still own it at the end.

Get started with our Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite services:


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Installation requirements:
Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite will Project Manage, with your primary contacts and site contacts, the installation process to co-ordinate shipping, civil works, hardware installation and commissioning of the service.


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Once you’ve placed your order
We will:
  • Project manage the delivery and installation of the site hardware.
  • Commission the Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite service.

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