Telstra Starlink Enterprise Internet

Global Reach, Local Connectivity

Extend High-Speed connectivity to the furthest corners of the country and beyond.

Key features

At Telstra, we understand the increasing importance of reliable connectivity. We are excited to introduce Telstra Starlink Enterprise Internet, a groundbreaking solution that utilises Low Earth Orbit satellites to deliver high-speed, low-latency internet to businesses in rural locations. Telstra Starlink Enterprise Internet transforms the digital landscape, offering not only a primary service but also an ideal backup solution when your primary service faces disruptions.

Solutions catered to your needs

We are able to design and install your services that cater to your locations and specific business goals.

Around the clock support

Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 support and end-to-end assistance, keeping your business connected.

Comprehensive Value-Added Services

Discover our array of Satellite professional services, from installations and site surveys to tech visits.

Flexible Connectivity

Choose between fixed and portable broadband options, stay connected on the go, and access the internet and applications almost anywhere in Australia.


Affordable Business Internet

Bridging the digital divide for underserved businesses, making basic satellite broadband more equitable.

Enhanced rural connectivity

Reliable as a backup option for enhanced throughput and lower latency business needs.

Space-saving solutions

Compact terminals for flexible and simple installation.

Scaled Connectivity for all your sites.

Enable scalable connectivity when you need it, through a single kit for most locations and conditions.

More about

Satellite internet: LEO, GEO MEO DTH explained

Learn about the different satellites solutions and their orbits. Discover Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO) satellites, along with the unique features that set them apart and how Telstra is transforming connectivity for our customers. 

Reasons for Starlink connectivity via Telstra

Discover the five good reasons to choose Starlink satellite services from Telstra for your enterprise business.

Why Telstra?

Your Trusted Satellite Partner

With over 45 years of satellite teleport and service industry expertise, Telstra is your trusted satellite partner.

Simplifying Your Connectivity Needs

Discover a one-stop solution for your connectivity and network application needs. Telstra streamlines interconnectivity between our teleports, global undersea cable systems, and terrestrial IP network for a hybrid solution.

Reliable, high-quality network

Enjoy consistent, high-quality performance backed by our Next IP network and Australia's largest mobile network.

Getting started

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