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Connect at will to a global network of private and public clouds with
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More agile management of data centre and cloud connectivity

Business is increasingly relying on hosted infrastructure and the cloud. As your connectivity requirements grow you want your network to be as flexible as the data centres they connect to.

With the Programmable Network, you can create Data Centre Interconnect connectivity that lets you set up and configure network services into private and public clouds in minutes. And do it in Data Centre Interconnect enabled data centres both here and across the world. This gives you the freedom to move between data centres while having on-demand flexibility and scalability. It’s all made easy through the global reach of our Programmable Network.

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Data Centre Interconnect provides Ethernet based point-to-point connectivity between enabled private data centres and public clouds around the globe. Using the latest in Software-Defined Networking technology, it offers flexibility and control via an intuitive self-service portal.

Data Centre Interconnect enables you to dynamically configure virtual circuits between compatible data centres in near real-time, with bandwidths ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gps along with flexible hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and multi-year contract options.

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Data Centre Interconnect provides on-demand connectivity into a global network of private and hybrid clouds. Be more agile and efficient in the way you manage cloud, critical applications and business continuity through features including self-service capabilities, rapid provisioning and the latest self-healing technology.


Latest SDN technology

Data Centre Interconnect uses the OpenFlow based SDN controller to ensure complete separation of control and network data flows

One port, many flows

You can configure up to 4,095 flows for each port on the network. This enables you to achieve different performance results for different applications.

Scalable bandwidth

Select any bandwidth ranging from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps in 1 Mbps increments. Add temporary bandwidth bursts as needed and only pay for the time you want.


Granular performance control

You can select the latency option for your flow to ensure that your critical data meets the latency requirements

Open APIs for customisation the way you want

Data Centre Interconnect utilises open standards deployment and provides Restful APIs for direct integration into your applications.

Global reach

With more than 30 data centres in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, UK and USA, Data Centre Interconnect provides far- reaching domestic and global connectivity.


Self-service portal

An intuitive self-service portal lets you connect your infrastructure at various data centres by subscribing to Data Centre Interconnect ports. You can order flows between any of the active ports.

24x7 helpdesk support

You can raise any issues or faults to our 24x7 Helpdesk. Resolve any issues and restore the service within your subscribed service level.

Future ready

Data Centre Interconnect is part of Telstra’s Programmable Networks. This means that all upcoming virtual network services and other SDN products will be able to simply work together. 

Expand into new markets

Expand into new markets

Data Centre Interconnect offers the on-demand, cost efficient connectivity needed between local and international data centres.

Maximise innovation and flexibility by creating a gateway to hybrid cloud deployments.

Ease of use

Global Exchange

Extend your organisation’s private IT environment by connecting to world leading public cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). We provide consistent network performance and security through our Programmable Network, enabling you to integrate seamlessly with public cloud providers and create a true hybrid cloud solution.

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Attain productivity improvement features without investing in new network capabilities. Data Centre Interconnect provides a tailored solution with bandwidth on-demand for cost control.

Global reach

Global reach

Open up your business to the world and connect with data centres across the globe. Take your business global faster, easier and with more secure reach.

A smarter network puts you in control

A smarter network puts you in control

Data Centre Interconnect is powered by our Programmable Network and leverages Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) technology. These capabilities centralise network control functions so you can configure your solution on-demand.



We have the consultancy expertise to help build complete integrated solutions that meet business needs.


We have a wide range of products to connect you to our Data Centre Interconnect enabled data centres.


Ethernet Metro Area Network (E-MAN)

Ethernet Metro Area Network (E-MAN)

A high-speed data networking solution over fibre, for links up to 1Gbps. It offers simple, cost-effective, point-to-point and point to multi-point connectivity within Australian capital cities and major regional centres. Ethernet MAN is based on the standard Layer 2 protocol so it can easily integrate with corporate local area networks.





A reliable, point-to-point data connectivity solution that’s proactively monitored and managed. It combines high bandwidth with nationwide coverage to available locations.

Telstra OpticWave suits organisations needing connectivity between two sites within Australia, at bandwidth levels of up to 100Gbps.


Telstra Wavelength Service (TWS)

Telstra Wavelength Service (TWS)

A fully managed fibre-optic network solution that offers dedicated, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity for sites in metropolitan areas.




Open your business to the world

Use advanced Software Defined Networking (SDN) and our reach to connect at will to enabled data centres across the globe – quickly, easily and securely. And scale your services up or down as needed.

More agile data centre and cloud management

Configure bandwidth, topology, latency, SLAs and contract terms in minutes via an intuitive self-service portal.

Use on-demand bandwidth bursting and only pay for what you need. With faster, flexible provisioning, you can respond quickly to changes in your business and the market. 

Safe, reliable and dependable connectivity

Have the assurance of a highly available, self-healing network with no single point of failure. This helps to ensure a reliable connection regardless of data centre locations.

Programmable Network

Find out more about Telstra’s Programmable Network.

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