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Mobility for more of your workforce

Complement your corporate fleet with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) managed mobility - help increase employee productivity, maintain security, and provide your team with flexibility and choice.

Unleash real productivity with BYOD

There are times when you want to provide your employees with more flexibility. You want to give them access to your business applications and systems, while using their personal smartphone or tablet. However, getting the right balance between Fleet and BYOD is paramount.

While corporate-owned devices within a mobile fleet provide access where mobility is critical to employees, BYOD provides an opportunity to increase productivity across your broader employee base.

BYOD can be both disruptive and potentially transformational for your business. Partnering with Telstra, your business can implement a scalable program that will foster productivity and increase flexibility while helping to keep your corporate information secure.

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What BYOD managed mobility can do for your business


Increase employee engagement, innovation and collaboration
Allowing employees to use their own devices to access business systems and tools can help promote new ways of working, foster an environment of innovation and improve collaboration with colleagues.




Increase flexibility and productivity
Employees are able to better manage their day as they can access corporate information in more places and at any time, increasing their productivity.




Simplify mobile management
Reduce the administrative burden for your HR and Finance teams and free your IT staff up from set up and ongoing support of personal devices.




Ensure agile work practices don’t put your business at risk
Simplify and enforce your company’s HR and IT policies for all compatible devices, push your software and security upgrades whenever you need and protect unsecured devices from theft and loss.


Need help to achieve your BYOD vision?

Many organisations have implemented BYOD in a demand-driven, tactical and informal way and have not fully considered the security, regulatory compliance and privacy implications, and potential costs. Not having an effective strategy for BYOD can lead to costly impacts on the enterprise and users alike.

For customers looking for strategic guidance, Telstra can deliver a strategic plan that includes cost and policy infrastructure analysis, recommendations and a comprehensive mobility roadmap, ready to be executed on the Telstra Mobile Network.

To find out more about BYOD Managed Mobility, please call your Account Executive.

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