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Navigate the complex digital world with confidence

Telstra’s Managed Services can help you make informed decisions, deliver on customer demands, act quickly on opportunities or foster collaboration among mobile employees.  

Simplify mobility, speed up innovation

Mobility is driving innovation and improving business efficiency like never before. But managing diverse networks, device apps, security and mobile ecosystems is becoming increasingly complex. IT teams are so busy just ‘keeping the lights on’, they have little time to proactively address evolving security threats or focus on business innovation and transformation.

Our Enterprise Mobility Managed Service can help you deploy, integrate and achieve rapid adoption of mobility within your organisation, freeing you up to innovate and thrive with a well-connected team, empowered to work effectively on the go.

We’ll manage your mobile ecosystem – supporting diverse devices, operating systems and applications – as well as the cloud-based mobility platforms and complex integration that pull it all together. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from an end-to-end service, delivered by skilled professionals through one fully accountable provider. 

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Our Enterprise Mobility Managed Service

Mobility Management Platforms

We'll manage the day-to-day running as well as patching and release management.

End-User Support

Keep your employees connected and productive.


On-device Security and Compliance

We identify and manage threats to help prevent costly data security breaches and better protect your brand.

Business Insights

Use rich data sets to fuel innovation.


Additional options

Mobility Service Manager

Service partnership and customer advocacy, mobility journey, reporting and detailed analytics.

Fleet Management

Smartphone & Tablet procurement, staging, deployment, repair and reverse logistics.

Mobile Usage Management

We give visibility on data content across your mobile fleet to help you control usage and cost

How our Managed Services can benefit you

Drive Productivity
  • Delivering a consistent and reliable end user experience with dedicated support
  • Redeploying IT resources to focus on business critical projects rather than just managing the ‘day to day’ 
Manage Risks
  • Mitigating security risks, costly downtime and potential damage to brand and reputation
Control Costs
  • Promote efficiencies by leveraging economies of scale and skill 
  • Making critical business decisions quickly with business insights

Case study: Queensland Police - managed mobility solution

Future Policing is all about agility and flexibility. Understand how Queensland Police have had significant productivity savings through the use of their mobile apps with Telstra.



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