Enterprise Endpoint Security

Manage and help protect your data on compatible mobile devices

As connected mobile devices have become a primary productivity tool in the enterprise, mobile enterprise security has evolved past the theory of perimeter security.

Telstra Endpoint Security solutions deliver mobile-specific security outcomes using a ‘mobile-first’ approach to endpoint security. They are designed to work in conjunction with the MDM platform to help protect against the key threat vectors affecting smart devices (including app, device and network), offering enterprises a way to help secure the devices that employees use for both business and personal use.

Wandera Mobile Security

Wandera solutions are designed to help secure mobile devices against cyber threats and enable enterprise IT to apply policy to manage employee usage-based risks. These capabilities are available through two core services: Mobile Threat Defence and Mobile Data Policy. Wandera’s Mobile Security Suite is a bundle containing both services as well as Policy over WiFi at no additional fee.

Mobile Threat Defence

Wandera Mobile Threat Defence helps protect against threats to mobile devices, such as malware, rogue or insecure applications, phishing, cryptojacking, data exfiltration and network attacks. Threats are aimed to be detected at the endpoint via Wandera’s endpoint application and can be prevented in the network via Wandera’s Secure Access Layer. As well as helping protect against threats, Wandera helps organisations detect vulnerabilities, flagging potential risks such as outdated OS versions or risky configuration settings.

Mobile Data Policy

Mobile Data Policy is designed to help protect data and data activity on the corporate network (and if applicable, over cellular and WiFi coverage) by scanning and defending against mobile threats to devices and providing real-time visibility of actionable intelligence.

Mobile Data Policy Features

Capping and alerts

Configure caps for when data usage thresholds are reached.


Cut usage by compressing data in real time, without cutting performance or productivity.

Fully customisable

Set policies that apply to different groups in different circumstances, and switch devices from one policy setting to another with ease.

Content filtering

Set intelligent rules to ensure that only acceptable websites can be reached, and that data usage is compliant.


Implement and enforce policies to manage data usage based on location.

Any mobile device, any ownership model

Wandera accommodates all mobile and Windows 10 devices, allowing you to work with your preferred model in a way that is best for your business.

Lookout mobile endpoint security

Lookout modern endpoint protection is powered by the world's largest mobile security dataset. Security telemetry from nearly 200M mobile devices worldwide, over 120M mobile apps provides your smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks with the best AI-backed mobile security. In addition, Lookout ingests about 90K new apps every day to ensure its customers are covered by the most up-to-date intel on the market.

Key Features

Lookout has been a mobile-only security company since its inception, and in that time has amassed the industry’s largest mobile dataset of almost 200M devices and over 120M apps that contribute to its leading modern endpoint protection platform.

Continuous Conditional Access

Dynamically monitor the health of the user’s device whenever it’s connected to corporate resources to ensure no malware is introduced to your corporate infrastructure.

Measurable reduction of risk

Close a large security gap and measure your risk reduction with Lookout’s analysis and reporting features.

Seamless interoperability

Lookout integrates with all SIEM systems via our Mobile Risk API, including Splunk, Windows Defender ATP, Micro Focus, ArcSight, IBM Security and Qradar.

Visibility into mobile incidents

Get real-time visibility into incidents on mobile devices, so you can respond quickly and effectively.

Securely enable mobility

Embrace more flexible mobility programs, including BYOD, to increase employee productivity and stay competitive.

Privacy by design

Ensure your data sovereignty and employee privacy policies are upheld using our privacy controls features.

Easy to deploy and maintain

We integrate with any EMM (such as VMware Workspace ONE® UEM, Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry® UEM, IBM MaaS360®, and MobileIron) for simple deployment and management.

Zimperium mobile security

zIPS is a mobile endpoint security application that aims to provide real-time monitoring and protection of the mobile device behaviour against threats detected across the device, network interceptions, phishing and malicious and leaky applications. Mobile operating systems are designed differently to desktop/laptop, where traditional security tools may not work effectively.


Zimperium zIPS leverages patented on-device machine learning technology, acting as an intelligent alarm system on an organisation’s mobile devices with little impact on users’ privacy. When a threat is detected, the user can be alerted with the recommended action. Alternatively, Telstra can configure compliance policy (supports integration with UEM solutions) to take automated action, e.g. remove user's access to email and corporate systems to protect data leakage and threat impacting the organisation.


zConsole is the cloud-based Console which is used to manage the deployment of mobile security, understand devices' risk posture, help maintain security, maintain threat policy, provide real-time visibility into the threat events, dashboarding and reporting. The Console can be hosted both in the public cloud as well as on-premise for specific customers if required.


z3A is used for advanced app analysis, continuously monitoring and evaluating mobile applications across the device fleet. For each risky mobile app that is identified, the solution provides deep intelligence, including contextual analysis, as well as privacy and security ratings. Z3A also allows organisations to submit apps for security analysis, providing a comprehensive security report detailing the risk profile of the app.