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Create a wow factor with innovative apps

Event companion app wins design award

With mobile usage at an all time high*, it’s imperative that businesses re-imagine how they interact with employees and customers. We believe that innovative business apps are a great way to deliver a great experience and make an impact - which is exactly what we did for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF).

Now in its 17th year, the TPFF is one of Australia’s premier fashion events and celebrates the work of local, national and international designers across a week-long program of events. Its theme this year was ‘technology in fashion’, and we helped create an app that brought the dynamic worlds of fashion and technology closer together. 

2015 Apps Design Awards

The customised app, developed by one of our app development partners, Alive, improved the way guests planned, attended and interacted with the event. Designed for Android, iOS and Apple Watch devices, the app won gold at the 2015 App Design Awards. 

We can help you develop a customised app for your major event such as:

  • Race meets / carnivals
  • Industry conferences
  • Company-wide meetings
  • Trade shows
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts and more

Together with our best-of-breed partners, we’ll work with you to understand your challenges to develop and deploy an app that helps to deliver a brilliant experience across distance and device.

*Source: Mary Meeker's 2015 Internet Trends Report

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