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Reduce fraud, theft and malicious attacks

Manage risk with robust online account security.

Talk to us about our full spectrum of online account security—registration, access, usage and recovery—to help prevent online fraud, account compromise and reduce risk. 

Online account security solutions

Web and mobile apps have become critical to how we live and work. Along with a new sense of freedom and convenience, today’s online environment also brings new risks.Cyber security is a real concern for any business operating in a digital environment. Stolen usernames and passwords are bought and sold daily putting all of our online accounts at risk.

Mobile phones are the perfect trust anchor to protect your mobile identity. As they deliver a highly accurate and difficult-to-fake picture of a user’s identity – making it an extremely reliable form of online verification.

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Mobile Identity

Our solutions will help you address the full spectrum of online account security—registration, access, usage and recovery—to help prevent fraud and reduce risk while streamlining the user experience to encourage increased adoption, retention and trust.

To access an account, our two-factor authentication solution requires users to enter their username and password plus a one-time verification code sent via SMS, voice or mobile app.

Breaches are rising

Cybercrime is big business.

When a breach occurs, there is a ripple effect as compromised identities affect multiple services.

Fraud kills brands

Account signups are easy to automate, so fraudsters can quickly create thousands of accounts for use in malicious activities. Such abuse can damage brand reputation and fuel abandonment. Our solutions, powered by leading provider TeleSign, use advanced security expertise and technology to help prevent registration fraud and secure end user accounts.

User names and passwords are no longer enough

Fraudsters are defeating password-based security, driving the need for two-factor authentication (2FA) to be adopted by consumer-facing web services. Our deep capabilities in mobile identity can help customers protect online accounts from compromise and fraudulent activity. 

Help your organisation to get


A strong return on your investment
Password resets – decrease time and cost spent on resetting passwords.
Hardware tokens – help save costs by eliminating the need to re-issue, maintain and manage separate tokens.


World-class protection against fraud
Multiple patents covering Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Dual Code Authentication, and determining characteristics of a phone number.


Improved user experience
Online Sign-ups/Transactions
– help reduce fraud by authenticating returning consumers and identifying new customers via their mobile number.
Loyalty programs – help protect members from points theft and fraudulent credit card charges.


Potential business impact

  • Grows with your business: you can start with the basics
  • Speeds up authentication processes
  • Reduces labour and hardware costs

Ideal for companies with

  • Large end-user accounts
  • Loyalty programs
  • Online programs using digital currency
Mobile Identity – The new DNA of trust Play video
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