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    What’s new in IoT at

    The Internet of Things is expanding at an
    unprecedented rate and it’s applications are
    changing the way businesses and
    consumers operate everyday.

    Join us at Vantage to find out the latest
    developments in Australía’s largest IoT
    network operator!


    Seeing is believing – track and monitor your assets with IoT

    If you can’t locate it, you can’t manage it. Discover how IoT insights can help you track your most important assets.

    Mark Chapman,

    Executive Connectivity and Networks, Telstra

    19 September 2018, Wednesday

    3:00pm to 3:30pm

    Seeing is believing

    Better, smarter, safer transport

    Discover how IoT solutions can help you better utilise assets, stay compliant, keep drivers safe and save money.

    Simone Elliot,

    GM Product Marketing EMS, Telstra

    Matthew Bellizia,

    Co-founder and CEO, MTData, a Telstra Company

    19 September 2018, Wednesday

    12:00pm to 12:30pm

    Better, smarter, safer, transport

    IBM Australia: The impact of an increasingly connected world driven by IoT and AI

    The power of Internet of Things (IoT) combined with Artifical Intelligence (AI) is the insight, intelligence and innovation to transform your organisation and industry. What does that mean for you, your business and your customers – and what should you be doing about it? Hear how innovative approaches can maximise the opportunities presented by this changing landscape.

    Jason Jameson,

    Vice President, Solutions & SaaS, IBM Asia Pacific

    19 September 2018, Wednesday

    3:00pm to 3:30pm

    IBM Australia

    New Products

    Telstra Track & Monitor

    Never stop to wonder where your things are again with
    Telstra Track & Monitor.


    Maximise equipment availability through continuous condition and performance monitoring.

    Water management

    Create a safer, monitored and controlled environment with our IoT enabled sensor solutions.

    Connected building

    Our IoT solutions leverage our world class partner ecosystem across devices, platforms and professional services to help create world class buildings.