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A fleet management solution that
moves and grows with your business

A GPS tracking and management solution for fleets of any size across every industry.


Fleet Complete is a scalable fleet and asset management solution that is easy to install and operate. It gives you visibility into where your mobile workers are, how they are driving and the condition of the vehicles.

Utilising these insights, you will have the information you need to help reduce operating costs, identify inefficiencies and improve safety and driver performance.

As your business grows, you can easily expand the solution with our comprehensive product portfolio for optimal business results.

Fleet Complete is a global telematics provider that recently acquired Securatrak, Telstra’s trusted partner for years. It operates in areas covered by the Telstra Mobile Network, the largest in Australia covering more than 2.4 million square kilometres, with the option of satellite coverage.

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Improved employee safety
Help safeguard lone workers and improve the safety of all of your employees with duress buttons, remote pendants or a solution that gives drivers audible or visual warning of potentially dangerous traffic conditions.


Higher fleet performance and productivity
Achieve cost reductions and increase efficiencies by reducing idling time, improving job dispatch and routing for faster job completion, and ensuring that staff and vehicles are being optimally used.


Measured, managed and reduced fleet costs
Have more control over your fleet by managing your drivers and the health of your vehicles. Potential problems can be fixed before they become costly repairs by monitoring vehicle maintenance, and encouraging safe driver behaviour can reduce wear and tear.


Potential business impact

  • Visibility of your fleet and mobile workers
  • Improved drive safety
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced fleet operational costs

Ideal for companies with

  • Fleet of any size
  • Mobile workforce
  • Duty of care obligations
  • Manual processes for managing their vehicles

Choose from a range of hardware and accessories

GPS vehicle tracking hardware

The GO7 device is an easy install GPS tracking device. This device can report on and monitor every aspect of fleet and asset performance including location, harsh braking, and acceleration and impact events.
GO7 Rugged
GO RUGGED is a ruggedized telematics device designed for harsh conditions or external installation. It has the same advanced GPS technology as the Geotab GO7, with the added benefit of being designed to the IP67 standard (international standard for protection against intrusion of solids, dust, contact, and water).

Asset tracking hardware

The AT4 is an asset tracker that will give you the ability to secure and track your stationary assets at periodic intervals. It helps you to improve your asset security and get insights into utilisation and maintenance even when located at remote sites within the Telstra Mobile Network.
The AT5 asset tracking solution delivers essential utilisation, maintenance and site management data, and help you keep control of large numbers of assets operating around the globe.
The AT6 is a low-profile, rugged 3G GPS device designed for tracking non-powered assets where super-long battery life is required, without sacrificing the frequency or updates and accuracy performance.


MyGeotab is a cloud-based fleet software application that brings the Fleet Complete solution together. Designed to create fast and accurate reports, MyGeotab empowers you to extract vital intelligence. With a huge array of reports, you’ll have the tools to track your vehicles and assets in near real time, create geo-fences, set speed limits and more.

Hardware accessories

The Garmin allows you to send and receive driver messages, dispatch jobs to field staff and navigate them to the location or address where they’re required.
Iridium Satellite
The Iridium Satellite allows you to maintain visibility and communication with drivers and vehicles in remote areas without mobile coverage.
Dash Duress
Dash-mounted button which can be activated by your workers in case of an emergency.
Remote Pendant
Portable duress pendants help ensure the safety of your personnel, even when they’re outside of the vehicle.
GO TALK provides spoken instructions from inside the vehicle to inform and empower drivers. Using advanced "text-to-speech" technology, GO TALK warns drivers of violations so they can immediately correct their behavior.
Driver ID
The Driver ID accessories help you keep track of each driver’s individual productivity and on-road safety.
Soteria Mobile Application FBT
The Soteria Electronic Logbook solution is a simple and convenient way to automate your time consuming vehicle logbook and calculate your maximum FBT return. The ATO approved solution combines a Geotab GO device with a Soteria mobile application to ensure all your requirements are met and easily collated for ATO reporting.
TempTrac Solution is a turnkey temperature monitoring solution that provides Customers with critical evidentiary information, including the exact date, time, location, vehicle information and payload temperature at time of delivery.

How the Fleet Complete GPS tracking solution works



How to connect the hardware


Fleet Complete’s GPS Tracking Solution can be tailored to track almost any element of your fleet’s driver safety, performance and vehicle health. We offer various packages to cater for all fleet sizes and types.


Fleet Complete hardware can be purchased upfront or on a 36-month repayment option:

GO7 Plug & Play Upfront 36 month contract
GO7 - Fixed Install Kit Upfront 36 month contract
GO7 - Ruggedised Device Upfront 36 month contract
AT4 Asset Tracker Upfront 36 month contract
AT5 Asset Tracker Upfront 36 month contract
AT6 Asset Tracker Upfront 36 month contract
Garmin Fleet 660 with Harness Upfront 36 month contract
Garmin Fleet 670 with Harness Upfront 36 month contract
Satellite (with Satellite Harness) Upfront 36 month contract
Dash Duress & IOX Harness Upfront 36-month contract
Remote Pendant Upfront 36-month contract
GOTALK Upfront 36-month contract
Driver ID Receiver Upfront 36-month contract
Soteria Mobile Application FBT Upfront N/A
TempTrac Rigid Kit Upfront 36-month contract
TempTrac Trailer Kit Upfront 36-month contract


Application Software

The software is offered with various feature settings, to match the Fleet Complete hardware purchased.

Fleet Complete Base Plan Month-to-month
Fleet Complete Business Plan Month-to-month
Fleet Complete Fleet Plan Month-to-month
Fleet Complete Iridium Add On Month-to-month
Fleet Complete Enterprise Plan Month-to-month
Asset Trak1 Month-to-month
Asset Trak2 Month-to-month
Asset Trak3 Month-to-month
Asset Trak4 Month-to-month



The services are offered depending on the solution purchased.


Standard Installation  Upfront
Complex Installation  Upfront
Standard Removal  Upfront
Camera Installation  Upfront
Fleet Complete Software training  Upfront