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Let ideas flow through innovative

Drive innovative team collaboration and create a more productive
and connected company with the new Microsoft Surface Hub.

The Surface Hub is a new series of interactive collaboration and video conferencing devices as part of the Microsoft Surface Family. The Hub comes in 55” and 84” offering multi-touch and multi-pen touchscreen powered by the Windows 10 operating system.

Surface Hub aims to improve the way your people work together and help staff connect to people and information that can help them achieve better business outcomes.

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Creating and brainstorming

Work together more productively than ever before. Let your ideas flow naturally and share them on a canvas as big as your imagination. Bridge physical distances across teams and never lose momentum by capturing and sharing your work where you have connectivity.

Advanced technology

Surface Hub works beautifully in the modern workplace. With its flexible size and mounting configurations, and our fully integrated design services, we can help fit the solution to your business needs.


Seamless and engaging

Surface Hub is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Join a Skype meeting with a single tap or grab a pen to start drawing. Share content and move fluidly between document, video, audio and whiteboarding.

Integrated applications

Customise your Surface Hub with a wide array of scalable apps. Universal applications built for Windows 10 take advantage of the large screen, touch and ink input, and built-in wide range angle HD cameras and sensors.








Build your Surface Hub in 4 simple steps


Get an optional remote site assessment of your premises.


Choose your bundle and freight


Install your device with help
from our technical experts.


Protect your purchase with warranty and Microsoft
Complete for Business.

A Holistic Approach to Unlock Real Business Value

We work with you throughout the on boarding and integration of your new Surface Hub to help your business realise the potential of your investment.

Some of these services include:

Training & Adoption Services

Ensure your Hub is embedded into your core work practices and on board team members within your business.

Audio Visual Integration Services

Our experienced technical team helps bring together new and existing devices and systems to create a connected fluid collaboration experience for all users.

Enablement Services

Our consultants can work with you to plan, enable and provision services on your new Surface Hub device.

App Development

Develop and design innovative applications that utilise existing capabilities of the hub to help you meet your business challenges and opportunities.

Jumpstart Discovery Workshops

Our tailored agendas include discovery sessions, hub ideation and prioritisation to identify and deliver value to your business through the Surface Hub,

Site Assessment and Installation Services

Our technical experts works with you to choose the right models and deployment options to match your business objectives, performance and requirements.

To find out more about these services, talk to your Account Executive.

Microsoft Office 365

The Apps you know and love

Customise your Surface Hub with a wide array of scalable apps. Universal applications built for Windows 10 take advantage of the large screen, touch and ink input, and built-in wide range angle HD cameras and sensors. Give your staff these familiar business-grade tools to help them make the right impression and get more done.

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Plus Productivity Apps

Make the most of your time with cloud-based business email, shared calendars, instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing for complete productivity, in and out of the office. All with 24/7 technical support.

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Let your users focus on the experience, not the technology

To help you successfully integrate your new Surface Hub into your place, Telstra offers a Workplace Design and Resourcing Service.

Access the latest research into building flexible work environments to meet the unique requirements of your organisation. Our balanced and experienced expert helps you realise your transformation journey and guides you every step of the way.


Telstra Workplace Design and Resources Service

Help ensure your new Surface Hub's integration into workplace nad let users focus on the experience, not the technology. The successfull integration of technology, space and people are the key drivers to success, and this service provides an expert to guide you every step of the way.

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Work Space Designer

Our Workplace Design and Resourcing Service can help your organisation integrate your Surface Hub according to your video room requirements.

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