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Cisco Webex Meetings
from Telstra

Make meetings fit your work style.

Video-first. Instant screen sharing. One button to push. Meetings have never been simpler.

Knowledge workers spend about 90-95% of their time in meetings,
on the phone, and answering email. 

- 2016 Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report



Today, everyone wants to meet in more ways, more often, and in more places. But bringing people together can be complex and clumsy.

Cisco Webex Meetings from Telstra can make virtual meetings easier, more effective and economical than you thought possible. All through a single integrated cloud platform.

Enjoy the advantages of a video-first approach with superbly clear audio and video. And screen sharing that's never been easier. Even joining Webex Meetings is a breeze - just click or tap to join.

Meetings are optimised for mobiles, apps and devices. Meet face to face needed, while one button to push make everything effortless and intuitive. Now meetings adjust to individual work styles. Everyone can focus on work instead of fiddling with technology.

Choose from a range of cost-efficient audio, video and web conferencing services via the Cisco Webex Meetings suite. In addition, our Cisco Webex Cloud Connected Audio-Service Provider (CCA-SP) service integrates IP and PSTN voice. It offers an improved audio experience with even lower call costs.

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One core experience


A more intuitive way to work


Break the distance barrier

Bring teams together more effectively wherever they are. Keep deadlines on track and resolve issues quickly.

Get more out of meetings

Share documents, presentations and applications. Enrich meetings and support faster, informed decisions.

Connect without fuss

Use across all types of security firewalls and easily link to everyday business applications and processes.

Easy on the budget

Take advantage of hardware, software and maintenance cost savings.

Remove the burden of travel

Remove the burden of travel.

Reduce telephony costs

With our IP VPN or Global VoIP platform, Webex Cloud Connected Audio-Service Provider (CCA-SP) offers predictable monthly costs and minimised per-minute PSTN charges.


Webex Meetings suite

Webex Meetings.
A reservation-less web conferencing service that allows you to meet anytime in various locations

Webex Meetings with Audio.
Straightforward, easy to implement on-demand audio conferencing

Webex Meetings with Cloud Connected Audio -Service Provider (CCA-SP).
Natively integrates PSTN with IP voice. Includes end-to-end Quality of Service across IP VPN services

Webex Meetings Video Conferencing.
Offers hosted virtual meeting rooms with audio, video, content sharing and support.

Webex Events

Connect widespread audiences more easily and cost-effectively. Host up to 3000 attendees in a single event, and grab their attention with high quality video and multimedia content.

Webex Training

Increase the reach and effectiveness of training for employees, partners, and customers. Create a compelling learning environment with HD video, integrated audio, and multimedia sharing.

Webex Support

Offer real-time support to employees and customers anywhere in the world. Improve customer satisfaction and staff efficiency by resolving issues the first time, and personalise experiences using high-quality video.

Webex Cloud Connected Audio-Service Provider (CCA-SP)

Webex CCA-SP runs a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk from the Telstra Global Network into Cisco WebEx instead of a traditional telephony connection. This provides an end-to-end solution with an integrated audio experience. Benefits include:

  • Flexible concurrent port-based pricing makes predicting costs easier
  • World-wide reach with no need to use global call-in numbers
  • Easily add capacity with no constraints on available time slots
  • A hosted solution simplifies software deployment, administration, upgrades and maintenance.




All Webex Meetings services offer:

Document, desktop and application sharing

Share content in real time without having to upload files onto a server.


Network-based meeting recording, editing and playback

Record meetings for future reference, training or demonstrations. Recordings can be downloaded and stored.


Online meetings with various devices

Start, schedule, and attend mobile meetings on Android, iOS, Blackberry 10 and Windows.


High security

All video conferencing and online meetings are delivered
with stringent data privacy, encrypted connections
and tight policy control.



Dial back from Webex Meetings to fixed or mobile devices.
Associates the voice caller with the Webex user
if using CCA-SP or Webex Toll Audio.