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Enhance your communications

Put voice and data on a single IP network

SIP Connect is compatible with our hosted Telstra IP Telephony solution so you can use both premise-based and hosted equipment to create a hybrid solution tailored to suit each site.

This means your organisation can realise the benefits of IP Telephony with high security, increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

You can also have the latest IP voice functions, while reducing call costs with on-net calling.

With our Telstra Business Systems SIP Connect plans, you can pay from $108 per month for 36 months and enjoy included:

  • Standard local calls
  • National long distance (STD®) calls
  • Calls from your fixed line to mobiles

This is to standard numbers while in Australia.

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Business SIP

Moving to IP voice couldn’t be easier. With Business SIP, you get a simple, affordable, alternative to ISDN that’s available now.

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Enjoy the best of the desk phone on your mobile. Combine landline and mobile communications to improve the way you work with this powerful add-on.

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Help your organisation to get


You can choose to use a mix of legacy and Telstra hosted equipment to suit each site. You can also reallocate capacity when needed with the optional Business Trunks Shared Capacity feature.



Add or remove voice channels fast at low cost as business needs change.



Improved management
Simplify moves, additions and changes. Call reporting allows you to control forecasting and budgeting.



Real Time Billing
Real time billing provides outgoing call record information after the completion of each call. It allows you to monitor call costs with appropriate software so you can forecast and budget with more accuracy.



Business Trunks Shared Capacity
Purchasing a shared pool of call capacity instead of having dedicated capacity for individual sites, allows consolidation of call resources, reducing the total number of channels required. This also provides the possibility to maintain full call capacity for business continuity in the event of a network failover (when purchased in conjunction with the Business Continuity call redirection option).


Potential business impact

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Enhanced business continuity
  • Enhanced security

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